Ganyu Volunteer: Donate books to build dreams

2022-07-03 0 By

Ganyu propaganda gather positive energy, net gather micro power to donate a book, dedication of a love, together to the future!In order to use high-quality books to optimize rural education resources, to convey love and hope to rural students through books, to build a world of knowledge for rural primary school children through public welfare practice.Recently, the Party branch of Ganyu District Volunteer Association carried out the activity of “donate books build dreams e grow up”, called on the public to turn over the dusty old books on the shelves, donate to the rural children in need, and open a bright window of knowledge for more children.On the morning of February 12, the volunteer Party branch organized some volunteers to open six donation receiving points at the north gate of Mission Hills International, the south gate of Central China New Village, and the east gate of Jinxiu Jiangnan, marking the official launch of the charity book donation activity.Yin Hao, the old volunteer, took the initiative to contact her splendid Jiangnan decorated car garage as a receiving point.Send the posters to the community owners and wechat groups.Under his publicity, many citizens take the initiative to make an appointment, active donation, a citizen sent 400 new books.”It’s a pity that these books are idle at home. We don’t read them when we get older. I donate them to see if any children need them.”The two children of Chen Yang’s family came to jinzheng Business Co., Ltd. and donated 104 books.”Let the books that once warmed my heart also warm those rural children.”Chen hongyang donated 21 beloved books as well as 24 exercise books.Old volunteer Peng Huadong drove from Menhe to donate some stationery.He said, “It is a great honor to be part of this organization, but it is so insignificant compared to everyone else. Volunteer Red has always been my hope and I wish to accompany the organization for a long time.”Up to now, nearly 2,000 books have been collected, and the charity book donation campaign is continuing.Ganyu volunteers will organize volunteers to sort out the books and send them to the village primary schools on a selected day to send love and knowledge to the children.A book, perhaps only a centimetre thick, is a whole new world to a village child.To pass the love of the book, let the children enjoy the edify of beauty in the book, grow up happily in the multicolored dream, with love and hope woven into the stars, aspersed to the countryside wilderness, together towards the future!Original title: “Civilized Practice in Ganyu! Ganyu Volunteers: Donating books, Building dreams and growing up”