Unforgettable home family meal

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Spring Festival, is every year to go home.The memory of the countryside, has always been: far to see rows of low brick houses standing there, such as a day for decades, the wind and rain is not surprised, to meet the return of the homeless.Wisps of smoke rose from the rooftops, or floated away, or curled among the bare treetops at the end of the village, like auspicious clouds of happiness, heralding the endless life.Today’s village, in front of my eyes, there are not only tall buildings, villas with red tiles and white walls, but also low bungalows, which add a historical symbol to the village in my memory.During the Spring Festival, people from all over the country, like migratory birds, rush back home even thousands of miles away.The Chinese New Year in the countryside, according to the custom of laba is the year, laba festival, began to busy: killing chicken and sheep, frying stew, melon seeds candy……Everything has to be there.Women would spend all their savings, dress themselves up, go out on the street, show off, praise each other, compete with each other.Then the old wives and sisters have something to talk about. Whose wife is handsome, whose man makes money, whose girl marries well, and who has a good wife.Men’s life is much simpler, the rhythm is slow, in addition to drinking and playing cards, is standing in the street in the warm sun, old and young men talk about the daily work.From time to time from the street came the hearty laughter of men.Rural areas have kowtow after the New Year, the custom of walking relatives string friends, which is also the highlight of the Rural New Year.After the New Year’s Eve, the younger generation to pay New Year’s greetings to their elders, whether neighbors or relatives, to worship.When it comes to visiting relatives, feasts are inevitable, and drinking is the classic part of the banquet.As long as those who come from afar are guests, they should drink a drink first, which is called: receiving the wind;Add at least one scene in the middle, meaning: catch up;Parting time again, said: see off.The theme of each session is different, and the style of drinking is also quite different.Northerner’s dinner table, drinking is the most hi.Especially men’s wine table, they have a lot of rules, at the beginning of the first in accordance with the order in order to sit, and then the elders to say a few polite opening words, set the rules of drinking, roughly is how to drink the first cup of wine, a few mouth to drink, what the implication, then the younger generation will echo with it.During this period of nature, the necessary northern wine table line of drinking rules: what “guests drink drunk, or the host more ashamed”, what “people walk in the river’s lake, can not leave the wine”, what “wine bosom friend thousand cups less, can drink how much to drink”…Of course, no matter how “fancy” exhortation words, as long as the persuaded stick to the bottom line, nature is attacked but not broken, because the body is the capital of revolution.I still remember that every time it was my turn to entertain guests, my parents would decorate the courtyard in the early morning, with lights and decorations, making the New Year atmosphere stronger and stronger.Parents are a month into the lunar New Year began to prepare goods: meat vegetarian, sweet spicy, hot cool, the elderly eat children eat……It’s everything.You can usually go to a restaurant in a village or town, but you should never eat at home for the Spring Festival — only at home can you enjoy the taste of home and the real taste of family love.Many friends and relatives, to put a few tables, manpower is not enough, that is to ask the master in advance.They would set up a cooking stove in the courtyard, jingling, bustling.Whenever this time, the chef will keep Shouting the name of the dish: braised chicken with potatoes, braised lamb, steamed Yellow River carp, green pepper meat……These are some traditional local recipes. The country dishes are not very delicate, but the simplicity of the north will make you feel endless.There will be several big round tables or square tables, a table for the elderly, a table for the young, a table for women, children.The dishes are the same, but the wine is different. The elderly shout for soy sauce, the young shout for strong wine, and the women and children drink wine and drinks.While the men smoked and drank, the women ate and chatted, occasionally helping out the little guys who passed the food, cheerfully boasting about who had grown taller and who had aced college.Bursts of laughter followed one another in a joyous mood.The scene reminded me of a local brew I made when I was a child called Hongfa Yong, which was a favorite of my father’s generation and had been popular for many years.Up to now think of his father drink that wine demeanor, than now drink Maotai, Wuliangye are intoxicated.I think it must have been the best wine at the time!Now the wisp of wine still mean, it is a strong taste of home, it is the soul that leads you home!Deep feelings, always have endless topics to talk about, drink and chat, time flies.The children were the first to leave the table. They were free and contented, and went off to play their own ways.Next came the women’s table, where aunts and grannies also left the table early to chat and eat sunflower seeds.Grandparents, perhaps unable to endure fatigue or too much alcohol, have already put down their glasses, smoking while narrowing their eyes, some of them chatting, some of them even sitting on the ground drowsy.Every time at this time, there will be several young and strong young man to help the old man, while saying a blessing, while sending the old man home to sober up.Morale is high to the father’s wine table, sunset, has not ended the show.Some of them are guessing, some are bragging, some are singing, although the tone is not perfect, in return is still bursts of applause…Happiness in this moment of infinite expansion, the air filled with the taste of affection!In recent years, the topic of young people’s drinking table is not only about “drinking table culture”, but more about rural construction, respecting the elderly and caring for the young, and harmonious neighborhood.Those promising villagers installed new street lamps for the old streets and hutongs in their hometown, renovated Bridges, and organized a series of activities such as “I offer love to my hometown”, “Pay attention to the elderly in the village”, and “Enrich the people with me”.Every holiday, they or come from thousands of miles away, or entrust others to visit those in need of assistance in the village elderly, for them to offer a love, send a blessing.It’s the Spring Festival again, and I’m looking forward to the blooming of the epidemic, peace and prosperity!Then, drive home, get drunk…Zhang Xiuling, yuncheng No. 1 Middle school language teacher in Shandong Province, a senior teacher in primary and secondary schools.Heze excellent teachers, the most beautiful teachers in Heze.Work hard and live happily!