Facing the sea, with spring blossoms

2022-07-04 0 By

Facing the sea, with spring blossoms.At this time of year, the sea is still so wide, but it can rarely cover our vision.Who knows, the head of the sea and sail, and we are a small drop of wealth.The sea, in a pool of water, a blossoming flow of spray, where, no matter how hard we try, in the pursuit, struggling, finally can not see the hope ahead.We can all face it bravely and challenge our future.Since the choice of the distance, we must have the ideal light, since the choice of the distance, we must have a goal, for our tomorrow, we must have faith, in order to arrive at a better tomorrow.No matter how tired I am, I will strive hard for my dream every day.Since give up, be brave to move forward.Work hard, will be more beautiful.In the seaside, a flowing water, warm blooming.There was a gentle breeze and the spray of water floated about.I write poems on the sea, the painter calls me out of the beautiful paradise, the painter lifts me up from the dazzling blue sky, let my tomorrow have good wishes my life.A beautiful legend seduces my heart.Some stories, can not say and deep love, but, touched, is a kind of soul and spirit of the fusion, as the poet said in the poem, that kind of soul and soul of the involvement.Those who are concerned with me have no film to talk about, those who turn a blind eye in my back actually occupy the deep heart.