In January, the game revenue list was released to accelerate the overseas layout of Palm Fun Technology

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Recently, App Annie released the ranking of Chinese game manufacturers’ overseas revenue in January 2022.China’s overseas game manufacturers are still very active ahead of the Spring Festival, with revenues continuing to increase.Among the mainstream game manufacturers, The performance of Zhangqu technology is particularly conspicuous, its ranking jumped 14 places, becoming the highest increase in the month on the list of Chinese game enterprises.Global layout continues to deepen overseas share is expected to increase before, Palm Fun technology in 2021 annual performance forecast, has made it clear that the future will actively embrace new market changes, in the game business will “vigorously expand overseas market, enhance overseas market share”.Relying on the professional and perfect global research and operation system, The overseas income of PQ Technology increased rapidly in January, which shows that the continuous deepening of its globalization strategy has achieved initial results.From January’s point of view, Zhangqu technology’s revenue increased significantly thanks to the excellent performance of games such as Miracle MU: Authentic Sequel.According to the latest data from Sensor Tower store intelligence platform, “miracle MU: authentic sequel” was listed as TOP20 in the revenue growth list of overseas mobile games in January, and ranked 8th in the growth list.It shows the strong influence of miracle IP overseas.In accordance with this development trend, with the subsequent deepening of the global regional strategy, in 2022, Zhangqu Technology’s overseas market share is expected to be increased by a greater margin.In fact, among Chinese game enterprises, Zhangqu Technology has been performing well in the overseas market. It has not only been rated as the “Best Overseas Game Enterprise of 2021”, but also won the title of “National Key Cultural Export Enterprise of 2019-2020 and 2021-2022”.In addition, It is one of the few companies whose overseas revenue accounts for more than 50%.Data show that: in 2020, Zhangqu technology’s overseas revenue reached 1.006 billion yuan, accounting for 56.24% of the company’s overall operating revenue. Overseas revenue exceeded domestic revenue for the first time.In the first half of 2021, overseas revenue accounted for more than 45%.In recent years, with the decline of the growth of domestic game stock market and the influence of policy changes and other factors, the domestic industry competition is increasingly intensified, and at the same time, the overseas market is expanding, and globalization has become an important direction and ability for domestic game enterprises to seek growth.In the face of this new market change, Zhangqu technology has further enlarged the global layout of the strategic adjustment.According to the new strategy, the overseas market will not rule out the possibility of becoming a major source of revenue for The company in the future.Overseas issuance of solid foundation Accelerate global value transformation palm boring technology is based on the development of the globalization game earlier domestic enterprises, after many years of accumulation, palm boring technology has formed its own perfect overseas distribution system and experience, this also to further promote the overseas market, accelerate global value transformation laid a solid foundation.On the one hand, over the years, the company has independently developed “National Miracle”, “Emperor of Boxer 98 Ultimate Battle online”, “Miracle MU: Awakening”, “Heroes of Might and Magic: Era of War”, “Big Palm 2”, “One Punch Superman:Excellent games such as “The Strongest Man” have been widely successful in the global mainstream game markets such as Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and have accumulated rich publishing experience and brand influence in overseas markets.On the other hand, Zhangqu technology has excellent localized development overseas, and is good at adopting more accurate promotion policies according to the characteristics of different markets.For example, when “One Punch: The Strongest Man” was launched in Southeast Asia, it sponsored the replay of “One Punch: The Strongest Man” in the local market to warm up the market. Rain was selected as the game endorsement in South Korea, which made “One Punch:The Most Powerful Man has become a leading product in many markets around the world, because of the excellent localized distribution and operation experience of Zhangqu Technology.More importantly, Zhangqu technology continues to integrate superior resources and expand partners through investment, IP and industrial cooperation overseas.For example, Zhangqu Technology owns well-known overseas IP such as Miracle, One-Punch Superman and King of Fist, and the products adapted from these IP have achieved outstanding results in overseas markets.In addition, by investing in overseas companies such as Wangchan, Zhangqu technology has accelerated the localization development with the help of superior resources, and realized the value transformation of in-depth participation in the division of labor of the global game industry chain.In addition to the advantages of distribution, Zhangqu Technology is also actively adjusting its research and development, especially increasing its product research and development for SLG, which is widely popular in the overseas market.According to public information, Zhangqu has at least two SLG games under development and is expected to launch in 2022.In recent years, SLG products have developed rapidly in the world. Relevant data show that the market size of SLG in the head will reach 20 billion yuan in 2021, and the products with the highest turnover will collect nearly half of the turnover of SLG products in the head, while this proportion is less than 20% in 2017.Meanwhile, in Europe and the US, strategy games are the largest category in terms of revenue, with revenues consistently above $5 billion in recent years.In order to adapt to this development trend, Zhangqu Technology began to adjust the original product strategy from 2021, and shifted the research and development focus to SLG track.To this end, Zhangqu technology not only increased investment in RESEARCH and development, but also integrated resources internally, so that multiple teams could share experience and complement each other.Meanwhile, the experience of technology, art and content planning accumulated in MMO, chess and card products that Zhangqu technology is good at has also been applied to SLG track to the maximum, which will undoubtedly be of great help to increase the success rate of new product development.And for palm fun technology in the research and development of new changes, many professional organizations in the industry are generally optimistic.Previously, including securities Daily, China Securities Network, financial institutions and other professional institutions believe that Zhangqu technology’s new business strategy is expected to “achieve the return of RESEARCH and development value”, “expand product boundaries, boost capacity transformation.””, is particularly optimistic about Zhangqu technology “more mature industrial game research and development system”.In fact, before palm fun technology in technology research and development investment has been ranked in the forefront of the industry.From 2017 to 2020, Zhangqu spent about 400 million yuan on R&D, accounting for between 22% and 27%.The proportion of R&D personnel is increasing year by year and has risen to 75.38% in 2020.In the first three quarters of 2021, the company invested 365 million yuan in R&D, with a r&d expense ratio of 30.9%, up 27.6% from the same period of last year, leading the domestic mainstream game companies in r&d investment.I have also accumulated profound accumulation in the iteration and application of cutting-edge engine technologies such as Unreal 4 and Unity3D.Strong r&d strength also lays a foundation for Zhangqu technology to achieve a breakthrough in overseas SLG new track in the future.