Weimar EX5/W6 technology benefits, so that every day is not the same

2022-07-04 0 By

If we compare weimar to a friend around the user, weimar would like to be like “an ordinary person with unique wisdom”.Since its inception, Weimar has always adhered to the original intention of “science and technology universal benefits”, and made every daily life of users different with intelligence.This year, Weimar Launched its latest model — Weimar W6.Weima W6 has a strong hardware redundancy strength, including qualcomm 8155 chip 10 times the computing power of the previous generation platform, a number of sensors in the whole car, and has cloud millions of computing power, 5G baseband support.As the first self-driving mass production model in limited scenarios in China, Weima W6 is equipped with L4 AVP autonomous parking system.In HAVP(autonomous learning parking) mode and PAVP(high precision map parking) mode, it can bring users the freedom of parking “easy to call and easy to go”.PAVP(High Precision Map Parking) mode will be pushed to users through OTA upgrade this year.It is worth mentioning that Weimar W6 is now equipped with SOTA+FOTA synchronous iteration capability, realizing the rapid launch and upgrade of OTA functions such as PAVP in only one third of the industry average time.Moreover, Weima W6 is also the first mass production model in China to realize the application of SOA technology, with the function of custom scene programming.Users can easily achieve more than 200 active and passive, software and hardware functions of free combination and Settings through the “Fast” module of WEma Zhihang APP, so that driving and riding become personalized and arbitrary.As an intelligent new energy vehicle, The W6 is also equipped with the new intelligent voice interaction assistant WIMI.Voice interactive assistant WIMI supports natural wake up, keyword wake up, quick command wake up and other interactive modes, and can realize voice control of more than 120 common functions. It can be said that “the user can use the voice and never let the user do it”.In order to give back to the old and new users of love, not long ago, Weimar Car for WEimar W6 launched multiple car purchase courtesy.For the new and old users, respectively launched the “free loan”, “free purchase”, “quota loan” and other programs, so that users easily buy cars without pressure.Interested and willing users can go to Weima Experience pavilion for a test drive, understanding.