Read “do a flower, elegant alone fanghua” feel

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Ru lian woman’s light feelings and deep pursuit and yearning beyond the mundane world.Such woman, do not have the appearance of a full moon and a beautiful flower, but certain temperament is like orchid, wen wan be like lotus, orchid heart loh is qualitative, human experience is accomplished, intellectual maturity, calm calm.Time passes away, if get a lotus pond, quiet a couple, watching lotus to admire the lotus, there is a rhythm from the leaves, graceful as the sounds of nature, is how comfortable life.The world of mortals fireworks, looking for not too long, drop ink fragrance, achievement immortal chapter, increase some to know, enron and a period of time, a human affairs circle, and proud and life, more can yet be regarded as a kind of happiness the author with the nebula flowing text will be a woman’s fine quality, this is the world woman’s best way to live.Gentle, intelligent, calm, in this materialistic, competitive era, female friends all wear armor.This life by such as battlefield, job competition, the management of marriage, children’s education, parents’ company, all do not have the survival wisdom of women to make a great test.Life can lash you with a little carelessness.I’m under pressure at work, and I have to take care of my husband and children.If the man in marriage does not work hard, you work hard to do construction for this family, and in the end it is not likely to fall well.Good men also have to fight the intruders, to protect the happiness of the family and do everything possible.A sense of fatigue to take care of the daily life of a young family, and all kinds of sudden events.Do not dare to get married, so that now girls are afraid to get married in this era does need a lot of courage, but we should use what way to deal with the life of the total, then is to have a strong heart.How powerful the power of the heart is, you can’t believe it yourself. For the sake of the family, a woman can stimulate unlimited potential. As a mother, it is unimaginable great to pay for the family, and give up a lot of their own.In life there are always a voice telling us, to be a good daughter-in-law, do a mother and, to be a good wife, but no one tells us how to do a happy woman then tell yourself, love yourself, please yourself, cultivating interest, nourish feelings, learning is a woman is the only way to obtain happiness.Love lifelong learning, live a happy life, spread positive energy together, thank you