The 10-year Treasury bond retreated as Russia went to war in Ukraine

2022-07-07 0 By

As of 16:32 on February 24, the main cBOT10-year Treasury futures contract ZNH2 fell back to close at 126.9062, up 0.57%, with 804,000 trading volume and 1,231,000 positions.Analysts at the International Derivatives Think Tank said:On February 24, Russia’s war in Ukraine, destroy the conflict in Ukraine, Russia and Ukraine event situation to heat up, the market risk aversion to heat up, the dollar, gold, crude oil, agricultural products, concerns prompted 10-year treasuries upward, but due to a lower risk of mass shooting war between Russia and Ukraine, medium-term more likely to return to the negotiating table,Superimposed on the United States In March FOMC interest rate resolution is approaching and there is uncertainty pressure on Us bonds, Asian market US bonds fell back, it is expected that before the landing of bearish factors, the probability of 10-year US bonds as a whole weak operation is larger, it is suggested to meet the high and short ideas to deal with.This article is from the International Derivatives Think Tank