CCTV will not transfer China women’s Basketball team VS Nigeria!Only this 1 platform live, the roster is determined

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CCTV will not transfer China women’s Basketball team VS Nigeria!The Chinese national women’s Basketball Team will make its debut in the women’s Basketball World Cup qualifying match against Nigeria in the evening of February 10th (tonight) at 22:00 Beijing time.Like the treatment of The Chinese women’s football team, The Chinese Women’s Basketball team is not favored by CCTV. All CCTV sports platforms, including CCTV5, will broadcast the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games live, and the women’s basketball match will not be broadcast for the time being. At present, only one platform is confirmed to broadcast the match, that is FIBA FIBA weibo.The women’s Basketball World Cup qualifiers are divided into 4 groups. China women’s basketball team, Nigeria women’s basketball team, Mali women’s basketball team, France women’s basketball team in Group B, the match is In Belgrade, Serbia.According to the tournament system, the top three players in the group will advance to the women’s Basketball World Cup finals. That is to say, the Chinese women’s basketball team only needs to win one game in the three group matches to get a promotion spot.Three hands, Mali, women’s basketball team is absolutely do, French women’s basketball team and women’s basketball team in Nigeria have participated in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, and the two teams in group B, ranked team in Nigeria last without qualification, the French women’s basketball team ranked third in group, group before the two American women’s basketball team and small Japan women’s basketball team became the final championship.The French women’s basketball team defeated Spain in the quarterfinals, but lost to Japan again in the semifinals.Xu Limin’s Chinese women’s basketball team defeated Belgium, Australia and Puerto Rico in the group stage to reach the quarterfinals with three wins, but lost to Serbia in the quarterfinals and failed to reach the quarterfinals.In terms of strength, China’s women’s basketball team has no problem beating two African teams, and it is a close match with France. Overall, China’s women’s Basketball World Cup ticket is not a problem.The most important thing for Chinese women’s basketball team is to avoid injury in the competition.Meritorious service manager li-min xu because of body reason leave, ta Zheng Wei lead manager, it is said that just attending the Olympic Games torch relay in Chinese basketball, yao Ming will personally bid with the team on historic for Olympic Games, the Chinese men’s basketball team CBA league full of controversial refereeing and guangdong men’s basketball team the malicious foul situations, yao Ming and his management team questioned,I can only rely on the women’s basketball!Of course, yao Ming, like his predecessors in the Olympics and watching the men’s basketball games in person, was not much of a player, mostly playing on his phone in the stands.The Chinese women’s Basketball team sent a total of 14 players to go on the field, and only 12 players can register for a single match. The squad for the match against Nigeria has been confirmed, and the players are as follows:15- Han Xu, 14- Li Yueru, 9- Li Meng, 12- Gao Song, 13- Pan Zhenqi, 4- Li Yuan, 5- Wang Siyu, 6- Wu Tongtong, 11- Huang Sijing, 3- Yang Liwei, 10- Zhang Ru, 7- Jin Weina.Two players missing from the squad are Wang Lili and Yang Shuyu, who played for China’s three-way women’s basketball team in Tokyo Jr., but missed the chance to play alongside her sister Yang Liwei.Do you think the Chinese women’s basketball team will get off to an easy start?Welcome to comment!