Flowers bloom as the temperature warms

2022-07-08 0 By

Spring is coming, the temperature is warming, flowers are blooming all over the urban area of my county, and spring is full of vigor everywhere.This morning, reporters in the city park square, street roadside to see, plum blossom, peach blossom, magnolia blossom, such as clouds such as rosy clouds, so dizzying.The breeze blows, the flowers sway gently, like a girl’s graceful graceful dance, beautiful scene, a spring scenery.Centering on the construction of “the most beautiful city in wuling Mountain area”, in recent years, our county has continuously improved the level of urban landscaping, planting osmanthus, cherry blossom, magnolia and other seedlings in the main roads, key areas, park squares, and schools. Whenever the Spring Festival comes, it will add “new clothes of spring” to the city.However, it should be noted that the epidemic is not over yet. When going out to enjoy flowers, people should not prick and wear masks.(All-media reporter Tian Kun, Brief Xun and Wu Hua)