Grade 5 wind speed has much influence on Gu Ailing’s competition?How does snow affect winter Olympics competition?

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How much did category 5 wind affect Gu ailing’s race?In the women’s freestyle slopestyle qualification, she made a small mistake and scored 57.28 points.In the second round, she scored 97.38 points to reach the final.How big is a category five wind?In fact, big is not big, say small is not small.A force five is a breeze, and it just makes a little ripple on the water, and it just makes the leaves sway.But when it comes to racing, force five winds can have a huge impact.The wind speed looks really small to us.For competitors, the more complex the movement, the more susceptible they are to the wind.If the wind speed is too strong, such as flipping in the air, mistakes will occur.It can be said that in the Winter Olympics, not only Gu Ailing made a mistake, many players also made a variety of mistakes, and even some athletes were hurt because of the wind.Skiing is arguably one of the most dangerous sports because there are a lot of skills involved in skiing.For example, if you are going to fall while skiing, you must land on your back if you fall backwards.If you fall forward, make sure your knees land first.The most important thing is to keep your hands clasped in front of your chest, whether you’re falling forward or backward.Because in the process of falling there may be panic, and even want to use their hands to support the phenomenon, at this time, it will lead to their hands were hurt.Ok, let’s go back to Gu Ailing first. It can be said that Gu Ailing had a very strong psychological quality during the competition. Although she made a small mistake in the first round, she even took out a big cake and ate it directly after the second round.Worthy of her beauty and wisdom, after the game, the state of mind can be said to be quite good.Unfortunately, on February 13, it began to snow in Beijing, which also caused a great impact on the winter Olympic Games.It can be said that during the snow it can blur the track and even cover it up.So will the skiing events be postponed during the snow?At that time, the competition had to be cancelled for the safety of the athletes.In fact, the snow used by the athletes is artificial snow, that is to say, the hardness and strength of the snow at that time have certain requirements, not only can meet the needs of the athletes, but also can let the Winter Olympics held as scheduled, smooth completion.If rely on natural snow, is unable to meet the requirements of athletes.Because you don’t know how thick the snow is when it’s snowing.It is not even known how much snow there will be on that day. If it is too little, it will not be good for the athletes’ snow sports.So people can only use artificial snow, because artificial snow is roughly similar, it will not produce concave and convex, because in this process will let the machine for repeated crushing, so that the snow becomes more solid, or even as a special track.Therefore, for the safety of the athletes and for their better performance, the race can only be cancelled when it snows.The competition will be held again when the snow stops, allowing the athletes to show their best form.