Lushan County Road development Center was awarded the title of “advanced collective of provincial transportation system”

2022-07-09 0 By

Ping bao rong media reporter Chang Hongtao correspondent Li Wenbin February 13, the reporter learned from the relevant departments of Lushan County, recently the county highway development center was the provincial department of human resources and social security, the provincial department of transportation awarded the “provincial advanced collective transportation system” honorary title.In recent years, the cadres and workers of lushan County highway development Center give full play to the spirit of highway iron army, work hard, dare to fight, speed up the construction of highway projects, and actively create beautiful highways, and have achieved excellent results.During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, The Highway Development Center of Lushan County constructed 11 trunk highway projects of 153.44 kilometers, with a total investment of 1.829 billion yuan.It has undertaken the task of managing and maintaining 10 437.7 km national and provincial highways, with the longest mileage in the city, accounting for one third of the total mileage of trunk highways in the city.In 2019, the high-quality construction of G311 Lubao Expressway reconstruction project was observed and studied by more than 100 people from the city’s highway system, and the project construction site meeting was held.2020 March 12 to April 9, G329 Zhenxing Road Luping Avenue to Shahe Bridge widening reconstruction project after nearly a month of sudden construction, quality and quantity guarantee completion, municipal party committee, county party committee, the main leaders of the instructions, requires the whole city, the county in the key projects, key work to learn “zhenxing road spirit”.In July 2021, because of outstanding achievements in flood control and post-disaster reconstruction, lushan County Party Committee and county government awarded the “advanced collective in flood control and post-disaster reconstruction”.”All the staff and cadres of Lushan County Highway Development Center will cherish the honor and continue to ring and work hard to create a new situation of highway construction, improve the road environment, serve the people’s demand for road travel, and contribute to the construction of a new Lushan with ecological culture, beauty and prosperity.”Ma Lutao, director of the center, said.Editor: Cheng Guangrong