Yuxiu street held “joyfully make Lantern Festival anti-drug publicity can not be less” theme activities

2022-07-09 0 By

On February 15, during the Lantern Festival, extraordinary road neighborhood offices, guizhou “fusion” workgroups, extraordinary road sent so “gladly make yuanxiao anti-drug publicity cannot little” as the theme, common knowledge anti-drug publicity and education to dissolve into guess riddles activity, let residents in a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere accept anti-drug publicity and education.Event, the staff set up anti-drug publicity booth, hanging lantern riddle in drug control, carry out various kinds of propaganda way, anti-drug publicity materials for the guess riddles for laminating Lantern Festival custom, anti-drug staff close to drug control knowledge production prohibition on the part of riddles to join, let residents by looking for riddle answer to a riddle, at the same time can get to know the dangers of drugs, drug control knowledge,Answer the riddles and you can get a small anti-drug prize.The scene of the active participation of the masses, “special integration” working group of the police to answer the masses of all kinds of anti-drug and guess riddles, distribution of anti-drug publicity materials, explain the types of drugs and its serious harm as well as anti-drug, anti-drug skills.Near the end of the activity, some people said: “such anti-drug publicity activities are very meaningful, and participate in guessing lantern riddles, and take gifts, education in the future to carry out more!”Extraordinary street, said an official with the related to anti-drug lantern riddle activities, let everybody in a happy atmosphere to understand the harm of drugs and actively guide the residents to self-respect self-respect, keep away from drugs make people fully realize the harm of drug brings to the society, family and individual, narcotics everyone has consciousness, drug control knowledge of word of mouth good atmosphere.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Huang Yingying editor Yu Fuwen editor Liu Dan Liao Bo