Guiyang Economic Development Zone: “Seeking change” in Transformation and “Breaking the Situation” in adversity

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Rising costs, the impact of COVID-19…In the context of multiple factors, the development of entity enterprises is facing new challenges.According to statistics released at a regular policy briefing held by the State Information Office at the end of last year, the number of market entities in China has reached 150 million, of which 46 million are enterprises, and more than 99% are small and medium-sized enterprises.Large number of small and medium-sized enterprise especially small and medium-sized enterprise entity, not only is the life-blood of the national economic and social development, is also an important force in expanding employment, promoting innovation, the steady growth, promoting the reform, restructuring, etc, play an important role, but compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprise anti-risk ability is generally low, in the face of new challenges, how to deal with them?Change the concept, change the strategy, change the thinking……A few days ago, the reporter walked into Guiyang by the opening area of many industrial small and medium-sized enterprises, to explore the path and password of their growth against the trend.After more than a year of contact, these days, Guiyang Huafeng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. successfully received an order from an enterprise in Shaanxi.With this “order”, the company’s order volume this year has exceeded 160 million yuan.Last year, the company completed output value of nearly 90 million yuan, three times that of 2018.Guiyang Huafeng Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. is a “specialized and innovative” enterprise in Guizhou Province, mainly providing mechanical parts for aerospace enterprises.At present, the company has a scientific research team of more than 30 people, which can produce nearly 4,000 kinds of products in major categories and more than 100,000 kinds of small items.At first, huafeng Airlines was often cold in market development due to its lack of visibility and new customers’ lack of understanding of its product quality and delivery speed.How to solve the problem?Huafeng Airlines change the concept of “waiting for the wind”, take the initiative to embrace leading enterprises to participate in product research and development.Aerospace products have the characteristics of small batch and variety. In many cases, the leading enterprises have small orders and some supporting enterprises are reluctant to accept them. Huafeng Airlines aims at this opportunity to get more and more customers with fast response and quality service.Once a customer wants to launch a new product, Huafeng Airlines will send scientific researchers to follow up until the product is developed.Abandoning the concept of being behind closed doors has changed huafong Airlines’ identity — from a bystander to a participant in the development of new products by large enterprises.”In the past, when there were production problems, we had to communicate with customers, and the synchronization rate was low.Now, we know the whole process of new product development, so we can better control the quality and improve the company’s scientific research strength.”Huang Zhongxian, general manager of Guiyang Huafeng Aviation Technology Co., LTD., said their transformation has further shortened the product delivery cycle, achieved cost reduction and improved efficiency.”But there are risks, too, because the initial investment in product research and development is huge, and sometimes you have to pay for it.”‘There’s even a joke that there’s no need to spend a lot to make a little money,’ Mr. Wong said.But Huafeng airlines insisted.Before that, an aerospace company in Shanxi Province had given up due to its high requirements, but Huafeng Airlines was always fighting for it. Until the end of last year, the company wanted to upgrade some core product components, but other companies could not do it, so it finally connected with Huafeng Airlines.A week later, the problem was solved successfully, huafeng Airlines also obtained the cooperation opportunity, this year’s order amount is expected to reach 30 million yuan.Some orders are too small, many enterprises are not willing to do, Huafeng Airlines also accepted.In 2019, an order from an enterprise in Jilin was only three to four thousand yuan, but Huafeng Airlines took care of it and gradually gained more trust from the other side in terms of quality and service, forming a good cooperative relationship.Now, this enterprise in huafeng airlines order amount has exceeded 10 million yuan.Huang Zhongxian said that at present, Huafeng Airlines has more than 300 customers, including nearly 30 “small customers” with orders below 100,000 yuan, but they are all careful to treat.”No matter the size of the order, we just do good products, do fine quality, constantly improve the level of scientific research, service level, small orders also have the opportunity to win large customers.”This is the philosophy that Huang zhongxian adheres to.Huafeng Airlines plans to double its output value in 3 years after the completion of the 40,000-square-meter standard factory in Xiaomeng Industrial Park.In the workshop of Guizhou Xigong Hydraulic Co., LTD., Lu Dehai, a CNC equipment technician, is operating the equipment to process parts. “The previous equipment was not highly automated, but the new equipment has higher processing accuracy and efficiency,” he said.This is a production scene after the company changed its development strategy.Xigong Hydraulic used to mainly produce hydraulic parts in the field of construction machinery, but due to the late start, large competition, coupled with rising costs, the profit space was seriously compressed, and the output value in 2019 is not ideal.By early 2020, many collaborations had to be put on hold amid the COVID-19 pandemic.Under the dilemma, “transformation” becomes the only way out of the dilemma.”That’s a big step.”Zhao Saiping, chairman of Guizhou Xigong Hydraulic Co., LTD., said that he found in the perennial contact, many peers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang areas have realized the assembly line operation, the formation of a series of standards, and this is exactly the short board of most small and medium-sized enterprises in Guiyang.Xigong Hydraulic gave up the hydraulic parts of the easy road, chose the more challenging aviation field, the threshold is higher.”The products we want to do are in great demand in the market, but they all belong to construction machinery products, which have similarities with the original products. In recent years, the improvement of the company’s management level, precipitation of RESEARCH and development technology, and the growth of talent team have provided sufficient confidence for the transformation.”Zhao saiping said.Market research, investigation and study…Throughout 2020, Guizhou Xigong Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been preparing for the transformation and has obtained relevant qualifications.Aerospace products require high quality and precision.The company decided to replace old processes and equipment with new processes and technologies, improve production level and capacity, and invest 10 million yuan to lay out new production lines.Guiyang Economic and Development Zone strongly supports the enterprise’s decision, and a financing loan of 4.5 million yuan alleviates the enterprise’s urgent need for equipment purchase.As hardware innovates, so do people.While guiding employees to change the habitual thinking of “engaging in production”, the company cooperates with universities and leading enterprises to accelerate the improvement of skills and talent level and quality control consciousness, and optimize the personnel assessment system.Everything is ready, but many large enterprises still dare not give orders to the first time to set foot in the new field of Xigong hydraulic.In February last year, a cooperative enterprise finally tried to deliver 200 products to XIGong Hydraulic for trial production, which required 15 days to complete.With sufficient preparation, the company successfully completed the “assessment” given by the partner.Two days later, the partner delivered another 500 orders.”Your products are of good quality and your lead times are consistent.”Customer comments.So far, xigong hydraulic became the parts supplier of the enterprise.The year of 2021 is the first year after the transformation of the development strategy of XIGong Hydraulic, and the output value is about 12 million yuan, an increase of about one third compared with the output value before the transformation in 2019.Cao Shuili, director of the company’s general office, said: “The company’s current production tasks are very full and we will strive to improve this year.”After a period of negotiations, Guizhou Mangewei Fluid Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Huazhong University of Science and Technology are in sight of signing a contract, which will solve the development problems of key components for an underwater robot of the university.”They went to a lot of technical teams, but they couldn’t do it.”Miao Jianzhong, general manager of Guizhou Mangewei Fluid Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., believes that the company has this technology and ability.Guizhou Mangewei Fluid Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a start-up company established more than three years ago, mainly engaged in the development of aerospace attitude and orbit control power system valve products.Miao Jianzhong, the 62-year-old founder, is an expert in the field of aerospace hydraulic valve products. His decades of experience and deep understanding of the industry ecology have given him the confidence to start his business.Even with its stunts, the start-up has to deal with market problems and difficulties in starting a business.”Initially, we tried to do it on a large scale through financing, but the investors thought I was too old as the manager of the business and didn’t want to invest.”Miao Jianzhong said helplessly.Original direction does not work, Miao Jianzhong can only adjust the train of thought.”Not in a hurry to scale, turn to the development of restricting industry development, ‘stuck’ products, aiming at the market demand, good prospects of the field and technology, give full play to the company’s innovation ability and other core advantages, specifically pick difficult to bite the bone ‘bite’, accumulate resources, expand the market, attract cooperation, and finally achieve the curve overtaking.”Miao jianzhong said.Many enterprises come to seek cooperation, but the company has its own “chess game” : do a good job in project screening, and customers cultivate together, project screening objectives must simultaneously meet the requirements of enterprises, industry pain points, national needs and other conditions, the problem to be solved, must also be the industry “the most painful pain point”.The cooperation of new product research and development investment is large.”If it doesn’t meet the partner’s requirements, it’s probably all for nothing.”Miao Jianzhong introduced that previously, the small satellite electric propulsion gas supply management module development project cooperated with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the school only initialled a task without official seal, if the problem is not solved, it will be in vain, but miao Jianzhong led the scientific research team successfully solved the problem.Last year, Guiyang Economic and Development Zone through relevant policies, let the company to obtain 500,000 yuan discount loans, alleviating its liquidity shortage, and help the company successfully complete cooperation projects.Through the early work and policy support, Guizhou Mangewei Fluid Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. gradually has the ability of “hematopoietic”.Last year, the company’s sales revenue reached more than 2 million yuan and is expected to double this year.Recently, the company undertook the small satellite electric push gas storage and supply management system project jointly developed by Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and the proportional solenoid valve in the oil drilling tilt prevention hydraulic control system developed by Wuhan University of Science and Technology. Products have also been delivered and applied, changing the situation that the product was completely dependent on imports before.Source: Guiyang Daily editor Judy editor Wang Li Luo Chang