Teach you to see midday: new energy, chip rebound turn red, A shares at the bottom?Should it be bottom-fishing?

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Midday market specific data: Shanghai Composite Index transaction 267.6 billion, gem transactions 146.1 billion;The number of up and down two cities than 653:4040;Daily limit ratio of 44:18;Shanghai-hong Kong Stock Connect northbound capital inflow – 8.836 billion, southbound capital inflow 5.692 billion.Turn hong Industry: electrical equipment;Leading concepts: electronic identity cards, oral wonder drugs, lithium ore, gallium nitride;Leading decliners: coal, oil, steel (CX CX STEEL ETF, CX CX Steel ETF, DOWN more than 4%;Plate fluctuation ratio of 1:51;From market data observation, gem bottom picked up, new energy, chips have performance, but more plates did not follow, the market to stop falling to observe.Specific interpretation: new energy, chip rebound turn red, A shares at the bottom?Should it be bottom-fishing?U.S. and European stocks yesterday did not fall, asia-pacific index today, but today A shares or low opening shock, the main reason for the trend is not strong or the hang seng index fell sharply, the hang seng index of science and technology in the near future confidence collapsed, affect the mood A, new energy plate, chip rebound turns red, can explain the market has been don’t want to fell, appears at the bottom of the A shares?Do you want to go bottom fishing at this time?If you want to know whether to hunt bottom, you should know why the market has plunged.As anchor, on the one hand, the hang seng index recently appeared A significant decline, the a-share valuation brought A fatal effect, everyone knows that the global stock market valuation of depression is the hang seng index, but the lowest valuation of the market in the near future are down sharply, because of the AH linkage (some stocks listed on the a-share market, Hong Kong) at the same time, influence the A shares fell;On the other hand, due to the influence of geopolitical news, the divine operation of the United States has made many non-domestic funds have inexplicable fear, and maybe one day they will be innocent, so the recent outflow of northbound funds is unilateral.The main heavy positions of these funds are domestic core assets such as liquor (LOF)A), medicine (GFA Healthcare stock C), new energy, etc. Their departure has A negative impact on the stock price of core assets.Today’s new energy (UBS new energy mix C), chip rebound, on behalf of it has stopped?From the current situation, northbound funds or unilateral net outflow, and these varieties are domestic institutions cluster varieties, can only think of new energy, chip (Nuan growth mix) today, and can not determine the bottom of the market in advance.Instead yesterday rose pharmaceutical, medical, and even the meteoric rise of military industry (mixed) e national defense, no one species can continue to strengthen, on the morning of securities plate (celestica has full C) refers to a securities company ETF connection once a rebound, but has been unable to find, when midday single appears in morning two plates move to push against the market stop falling.It feels a little hasty. It’s probably better to wait and see.To sum up, to stop the fall is very simple: at least do not outflow of funds and strong varieties to have sustained not a day tour or even an hour tour, if these two directions do not appear, or continue to wait and see the main strategy.The above is my understanding of this morning’s dish, for your old iron reference (investment has a risk, the market needs to be cautious), I wish good luck!Detailed strategy analysis will be shared at 2:30 PM (you can see it on the home page).————- Special note: 1, the above content is only a personal investment diary, does not have a guiding function.2. Opinions are for reference only. Investors need to make their own judgment on whether to follow the thinking.3, creation is not easy, if you like it, welcome to like, comment + attention, this is the biggest support for the author.