A garden with flowers is a garden!Nothing is so pale as a garden without flowers!This is how the garden should grow

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A garden with flowers is a garden!The yard without flowers is palest!A beautiful garden should have more flowering plants, especially flowering shrubs, ground covers and grass flowers!Although green eye, but if the garden is all green, without some colorful flowering plants embellish among them, it is like plain boiled water, dull and tasteless!Green is the background color of the garden, the color of the canvas, and flowering plants and colouring plants are the brilliant colors of the garden, the pigments of the garden landscape!Planting flowers in the garden is to color the garden, so that the garden is no longer monotonous, become colorful up!So, how do you plant flowers in a garden?I think it should be done like this: First of all, we should plan the varieties planted in each season!Plants bloom seasonally, for example, most plants bloom in spring, and relatively few plants bloom in summer and fall and winter!And the garden should make sure that there are flowers to enjoy in all seasons.Therefore, before planting flowers, we should plan the varieties of plants that bloom in each season in advance, and choose the varieties that bloom in the current season and have a long flowering time to plant in the garden.For example, there are peach, plum, apricot, magnolia, purple magnolia, bauhinia, rhododendron, winter jasmine, Chinese rose, guayule, carnation, primrose, Daisy, iris, poppy and delphinium.For example, the summer flowering Japanese evening cherry, crabapple, hibiscus, crape myrtle, pomegranate, frangipani, gardenia, canna, morning glory, hydrangea, trumpet creeper, dalea, hollyhothmallow, blue snowflake, summer viola, sunflower, jasmine and lotus.For example, autumn flowers include osmanthus, hibiscus, begonias, rosemary, chrysanthemum, epiphyllum, cherry, false dragon head and radix platycodon.For example, winter flowers have wintertime plum, red plum, camellia, strellis, daffodils, pansy, stick stem crabapple, knot incense and tiger plum.Secondly, determine the proportion of perennial flowering plants and annual grass flowers.Perennial flowering plants bloom, but the plant continues to grow and can continue to flower the next year, although the flowers have faded.However, after the flowering period of annual grass, the plant slowly withered, the next year needs to be replanted or replaced with new varieties.Flowering plants in a garden should consist of both perennials and annual grass flowers, but in different proportions.Among them, perennial flowering plants should be given priority to, supplemented by annual grass and flower plants.Some people may be strange, grass flowers need to be replaced once a year, so bother, why use it?That is because although grass flowers have a short life, most of the flowers that come out are gorgeous and beautiful, and the garden would be inferior without them.Therefore, we should give priority to perennial flowering plants, and appropriately decorate some grass flowers, will make the garden more brilliant and beautiful!Finally, put into action, keep trying, accumulate and sum up experience, select the optimal variety combination.With a garden, there is no sense of achievement without planting flowers and plants and managing your own garden.Although designers can provide a preliminary idea of the flowering plants in the garden, they need to rely on their own management and care if they can plant them well, harvest flowers and get a high sense of accomplishment.The garden provides a piece of land for gardening practice. We can plant any kind of flowers we like, constantly try different varieties of flowers, and gradually shape them into our ideal appearance. This is the greatest pleasure of gardening!I am Ding Ge, a professional garden designer. I share excellent garden design cases and views every day, and provide you with professional garden design services and consulting services.Welcome to leave a message in the comment area. If you like this article, please click on it and pay attention to it. Thank you!