Beihai College of Art and Design 2022 Recruitment notice

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Beihai College of Art and Design (BEIhai College of Art and Design) is an undergraduate university of art and design approved by the Ministry of Education. It is located in Beihai city, Guangxi Province, which is located on the coast of the beautiful South China Sea. It has been in operation for 22 years and currently has 13,459 students.The university has eight secondary schools (teaching departments), including the School of Animation and Media, The School of Design Art, the School of Architecture and Environmental Art, the School of Fine Arts, the School of Humanities education, the School of Marxism, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and the Teaching Department of Public Basic Courses.For environmental design, architecture and civil engineering, visual communication design, product design, costume design and engineering, clothing and apparel design, animation, digital media art, painting, sculpture, photography, fine arts, calligraphy, dance performances, art, education, pre-school education, Chinese language and literature, philosophy, broadcasting and hosting art 20 undergraduate majors.According to the development needs of the university, we plan to recruit teachers and administrative staff of the following majors.Specific positions and requirements are as follows:Teacher of Ideological and Political courses 10 Master degree or above majoring in Marxist theory or related ideological and political education Member of CPC,Basic principles of Marxism, Sinicization of Marxism, Marxism abroad, Ideological and Political Education, Marxist Philosophy, political economy, scientific Socialism, History of the Communist Party of China and other major graduates, capable of ideological and political theory courses and ideological and political education related courses teaching.Environmental design professional teacher 25 environmental art design is a graduate and above to be involved in ergonomics, decorative materials and construction, decoration materials and budget, project analysis, design of furniture, bedroom space design, commercial space design, display space design, architectural drawing, computer-aided design, architectural decoration, graphic design, advertising planning, landscape design, and other environmentRelated courses teaching work.25. Master degree or above in visual communication Design or similar majors, proficient in various drawing software such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Pagemaker, Indesign, Llustrator, AutoCAD, etc.Can be engaged in graphic design, design color, graphic design, layout design, photography foundation, illustration, font calligraphy, book binding, packaging design, advertising, corporate image design, advertising design, exhibition design, web design, new media design and other visual communication design related courses teaching.Working experience in brand design, advertising design, packaging design and other related professional fields is preferred. Portfolio is required.5. Master degree or above in animation, familiar with Maya special effects, familiar with material lighting rendering, Houdini special effects, familiar with CG special effects production process, capable of film and television special effects, film and television post-production and other courses of material lighting, special effects designer.Master of animation or above, master of Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, can complete all kinds of scene and character modeling and material mapping. With certain art background, I am qualified as a senior modeler and material mapper for material mapping, lighting rendering and other courses.Animation teacher (2D animation design) 5 Animation master degree or above 1. Animation or illustration major graduate, responsible, passionate about animation, strong teamwork ability 2.Proficient in 2d animation theory, familiar with 2d animation production process, have rich animation project production experience or 2D animation short film production experience.Able to design and produce 2d animation independently.3. Strong drawing ability, able to draw picture books, cartoons, original paintings, scenes, etc. 4. Familiar with various 2d animation software, such as TVP, etc.Proficient in drawing software such as Photoshop and SAI.5. Capable of 2d animation design and production, shooting design, character design, concept scene design, cartoon design, illustration design, original painting design, picture book design and other related courses teaching work.Broadcasting and Hosting Master’s degree or above can be engaged in the teaching of Mandarin pronunciation and broadcasting, the foundation of broadcasting creation, radio and TELEVISION broadcasting and hosting, film and television dubbing, improvised oral expression and other related courses.8. Master degree or above in digital media art or graphic design, capable of teaching graphic creativity, UI design, brand design, font design and computer-aided design, etc.Familiar with UI and interaction principles, basic understanding of user experience;Have certain design theory foundation and scientific research ability;Proficient in PS, AI and other related design software.Master’s degree or above in digital media art, familiar with PR, AE, C4d and other software.Have experience in digital CG special effects and interactive media design, have participated in the creation of film and television programs, new media content and have excellent works;Master spatial interaction and digital media interactive art installation and related content production is preferred.Master degree or above in advertising or similar majors with major in modern advertising design, advertising planning and creativity, new media art research, etc.5. Master degree or above in photography or similar majors with solid knowledge of product photography;Experience in film and television work, such as shooting promotional films and advertising films;Proficient in post-processing software, able to engage in commercial photography, VI design, infographic design, video creation and other courses teaching or engaged in photography appreciation, photography history, image criticism, east and West art history and other related courses teaching.Product design master degree or above can be engaged in product photography, quick topic design, design procedures and methods, product design, thematic design and other related courses teaching work.Familiar with product design process, product project experience is preferred.Master degree in industrial design or above with mechanical design foundation;Familiar with material processing technology;Familiar with AutoCAD, Solidworks and other software.Can be engaged in mechanical drawing, AutoCAD, product design engineering foundation, materials and processing technology, model making and other related courses teaching work.Garment and garment design master degree or above can skillfully use PS, AI and other design related software, have good aesthetic ability, familiar with garment technology, plate making and other related knowledge, and can independently complete series design, have enterprise work experience is preferred.Architecture speciality teachers 8 architecture graduate and above and similar architecture professional civil engineering professional teachers 8 similar civil engineering graduate or above in civil engineering and engineering mechanics teacher 5 engineering mechanics is a graduate and above engineering mechanics and other professional teachers 2 water supply and drainage water supply and drainage science and engineering science and engineering graduate and above water supply and drainage science and engineeringMaster degree or above in Ancient Chinese literature, Philology or similar majors. Main research fields: Literature of pre-Qin and Han Dynasties, Literature of Wei, Jin, Sui and Tang Dynasties, Literature of Song and Yuan Dynasties, Literature of Ming and Qing Dynasties and modern Times, historical philology, classical philology, etc.Capable of independent teaching, lesson preparation and related teaching and research tasks, teaching experience is preferred.Master degree or above in Literature and Art or similar majors. Main research fields: Literary theory, literary criticism, History of Chinese literary criticism, writing, etc.Capable of independent teaching, lesson preparation and related teaching and research tasks, teaching experience is preferred.Master’s degree or above in Chinese Philology, Linguistics and applied Linguistics. Main research fields: Chinese dialects, Chinese history, phonological textual exegesis, Medieval Chinese lexical grammar, Chinese phonetics, Chinese Development history, Chinese Character information processing, etc.Capable of independent teaching, lesson preparation and related teaching and research tasks, teaching experience is preferred.Master’s degree or above in Modern and contemporary Chinese literature. Major research fields: Modern and contemporary Chinese literature, Chinese literary criticism, etc. Teaching experience is preferred.Master degree or above in folklore or similar major. Main research fields: Chinese folklore, folk art, oral literature, traditional culture, etc.Capable of independent teaching, lesson preparation and related teaching and research tasks, teaching experience is preferred.Master’s degree or above in philosophy or similar disciplines, including Western philosophy, Marxist philosophy, aesthetics, Phenomenology, psychology, logic, religious studies, etc.Capable of independent teaching, lesson preparation and related teaching and research tasks.Teaching experience is preferred.Master degree or above in dance or similar majors, qualified for the courses of dance education theory, dance history, introduction to art, etc.Or qualified for folk dance, classical dance training, modern dance and other courses.Pre-school education Master’s degree or above with solid theoretical knowledge and skills of pre-school education, capable of teaching pre-school education courses and guiding practical courses.Master degree in history or above, major in history or similar.Master of calligraphy or above with strong knowledge and skills of calligraphy theory, capable of teaching related courses of calligraphy major.Master of Fine arts or above in fine arts or similar majors, with solid theoretical foundation and professional ability.Master’s degree or above in management, economics, education and other disciplines can teach compulsory courses and elective courses related to innovation and entrepreneurship education;Have certain ability to organize and carry out innovation and entrepreneurship practice, innovation and entrepreneurship competition activities and carry out innovation and entrepreneurship scientific research and other related work;Experience in corporate and social entrepreneurship or research in innovation and entrepreneurship education is preferred.3. Master degree or above in psychology or similar specialty, with certain ability of education and teaching, psychological counseling and guidance, crisis intervention;National psychological consultant certificate or related work experience is preferred.Master degree or above in art history or design history or similar majors with solid theoretical foundation and professional ability.English teacher 5 Master of English and above undergraduate and postgraduate major in English, have good professional ability.Master degree or above in Computer Science and technology 1. Good communication and teamwork skills, familiar with computer logic principle, software and hardware knowledge;2.I have certain programming ability, familiar with website programming foundation, mobile Internet principle and application, multimedia technology, and have a certain understanding and research of big data, cloud, Internet of Things, XR and other cutting-edge technologies.Master degree in physical education or above, majored in martial arts, badminton, football, table tennis or other related majors, with excellent physical education knowledge, good basic physical education teaching ability and solid special skills.Full-time student counsellors 10 Majors are not limited to postgraduates or above 1.Chinese communist party member, firm political stance, willing to contribute, love student work, physical and mental health.2.During the period of studying in school, I once served as a student cadre, or I undertook the work related to student education management after working.3.No disciplinary action was taken.1. Master degree or above, in good health, under the age of 40;Educational requirements may be relaxed for exceptional students.2. Party member, firm political stance, decent thinking, integrity, practical and serious work attitude, good at communication, dedication, strong dedication, sense of responsibility, service awareness and team spirit, familiar with party affairs and related policies and regulations, party affairs work experience is preferred.Network information technician 4 Network information security related master degree or above;Or the outstanding graduate with rich practical experience has the basic theory and professional knowledge of communication, computer network and information system, master the basic theory and method of information security and information security management;Master the basic principle and technology of computer, have preliminary software and hardware development ability.Master degree or above in human Resource Management, Journalism, Secretary, Education Management, Administration and other similar majorsFirm political stance, integrity and ability, dedication, physical and mental health.2. Good writing skills and writing ability, familiar with office software.Master degree or above with solid writing skills and writing ability, major in archives management or similar.Librarian 5 Master degree or above in Books, Information and Philology;Or have rich experience in library management outstanding bachelor’s degree in books, information and documentation, archives management and other related majors, qualified for the work of library librarian.Job description: 1.Please fill in the Examination and Approval Form for Applicants of Beihai College of Art and Design (attachment), attach a recent positive color photo and personal identification materials, and send to our recruitment email.Please write “Name + highest degree + university + major” in the subject line of your email.2. Recruitment target: The recruitment target is the personnel who have obtained the corresponding education and degree certificates at the time of application and the fresh graduates in 2022.3. Recruitment period: from now to July 30, 2022.4.Once formally employed, according to the relevant regulations to buy five insurance and housing, salary treatment from the excellent;Newly hired teachers can live in the staff dormitory or enjoy rental subsidies.Contact person: Miss Huang, Tel: 0779-6818070 Miss Hu, Tel: 0779-6992220 Email: School Address: No.1 New Century Avenue, Beihai City, Guangxi University website: