Dezhou and Hebei three cities to build a joint rapid coordination mechanism

2022-07-11 0 By

Texas news network news (Texas evening news media reporter Wang Na) on March 24, the reporter learns from the municipal bureau of ministry, dezhou and cangzhou city, hebei province, hengshui city, xingtai jointly issued “the epidemic, run” initiative, called for the two province four city to further strengthen contact, smooth logistics transport, to ensure steady economic operation, promote the establishment of long-term ecological industry chain.The proposal mentions the establishment of “two provinces and four cities” joint rapid coordination mechanism.4. Municipal and municipal departments of industry and information technology, transportation and public security shall strengthen system docking and establish direct contact, and coordinate logistics and transportation problems in a timely and rapid manner.During the epidemic prevention and control period, the industry and information technology departments directly coordinate the point-to-point cargo transportation between the four cities. The transportation departments (or traffic epidemic prevention teams, etc.) give priority to the issuance of permits, and the public security departments witness the release.On the premise of strictly implement the disease prevention and control measures, 4 city industrial enterprise between raw material and product transportation vehicles kept constantly, with 48 hours of nucleic acid testing report and pass, is not an accident does not stop, not illegal does not stop, the industrial enterprises of raw materials and products shipped in time, ensure the normal operation of industrial enterprises.Strengthen enterprise docking and cooperation, encourage enterprises between the four cities to strengthen cooperation, information sharing, industrial chain and supply chain smooth, through cloud docking, online negotiation, cloud exhibition and other forms to find business opportunities, break provincial and municipal administrative division boundaries, give play to geographical advantages, promote unity heating.