Famous female singer diagnosis, but publicly put words: absolute value

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On April 1, Miley Cyrus revealed on Twitter that she has COVID-19.But she said even the new crown was “worth it” compared to a world tour.She may have meant to show how much she loves music, but her comments caused a lot of controversy online amid the coronavirus situation in the US.The pop star has been touring Latin America over the past week, holding a concert in Bogota, Colombia, and performing in Sao Paulo, Brazil, according to the Daily Mail.”Traveling the world performing to 100,000 people every night and meeting hundreds of fans every day, the chances of catching COVID-19 are very high,” the 29-year-old singer wrote on Twitter on April 1.Now I have COVID-19, but compared to that, I think it was definitely worth it.”And she was more concerned about missing her Grammy weekend performance than catching COVID-19.She had to cancel her plans because of COVID-19.”Unfortunately, as a result of this, I missed out on the Jenny Foundation, which sucks because it’s a charity that’s super important to me and my friend Steven Tyler,” she tweeted.I feel fine now, so don’t worry about me!Sorry, Steven, we’ll have to get together again some other time.”Miley Cyrus was born in Tennessee in 1992.She made her debut at the age of 14 and became a teenage idol after starring in the TV series Hannah Montana.Before she was 16 years old, she was already a big hit in America, and by the age of 17 she was the fourth top-selling female singer in America.Miley Cyrus has been busy for the last three months, touring in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil.Her private plane was forced to make an emergency landing when it was struck by lightning en route to Paraguay.Miley Cyrus has a huge international presence, with more than 40 million followers on Twitter and hundreds of millions on Instagram.So when she made the remarks, it still caused dissatisfaction among some netizens.On Twitter, one user replied: “Would you mind paying my medical bills then?I have a long history of COVID-19 after catching it from my sister and the coronavirus is not worth anything.I like you a lot, and even though I know you meant it in a positive way, the way you phrased it was definitely inappropriate.”Another user agreed: ‘I agree with you.Miley’s choice of words is so uncomfortable, the coronavirus is terrible.I wish you and Miley a speedy recovery.””I caught COVID-19 after the concert in Bogota,” said another fan who attended her concert.”As a front-line healthcare worker, I performed chest X-rays on COVID-19 positive patients in 2020, and I thought the disease would never be ‘worth it’.It’s people who really care about their health that keep people like me safe.Anyway, I hope you feel better soon, Miley.””I love you Miley, but there are nearly a million people in the United States who have died of COVID-19, and my mom is one of them.There is no such thing as a ‘worthy’ coronavirus.Fortunately, you have a vaccine available now.”Mother bereaved netizen message source: New Evening News comprehensive extreme news