Sany Group delivered its first batch of hydrogen vehicles to Yueyang

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On February 18, yueyang city’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle delivery ceremony was held in Chenglingji new port area.Rednet moment Yueyang February 8 – (Reporter Wei Qian correspondent MAO Yingyan) February 18, Yueyang city first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle delivery ceremony held in chenglingji new port area.Li Aiwu, deputy secretary of yueyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Yueyang, said that this is not only a good beginning of in-depth cooperation between Yueyang city and Sany Group, but also an important step to accelerate the construction of Yueyang hydrogen city.Standing committee of the municipal party committee, secretary of municipal party committee united front work department Qiu Hong ceremony, party secretary of sany group, the chairman xiang wenbo, ling angeles working committee secretary of the new port city colton, vice secretary of working committee, management committee director Qian Danqing, vice secretary of departments, yu-ping zhou, director of the free trade area management committee, vice secretary of departments, zong is protected area management committee director YanFei etc.Li Aiwu said that in May last year, Yueyang City and Sany Group signed a framework agreement to jointly build Yueyang hydrogen energy demonstration city. Today, the first batch of vehicles were delivered, which is a solid step in deepening the cooperation between the two sides.It is hoped that both sides will further deepen exchanges and seek cooperation in the future, and jointly realize resource sharing and win-win cooperation. Yueyang city will give full play to its comparative advantages in hydrogen energy resources, geographical location, passenger and cargo transportation and industrial base. Through the five-dimensional linkage mode of “think tank + alliance + fund + exhibition + park”,Accelerate the establishment of yueyang city hydrogen energy overall spatial layout of “one city, one belt, one network, four districts”, committed to building low-cost hydrogen production, safe hydrogen storage, large-scale use of hydrogen life, hydrogen city, hydrogen economy of the whole industry chain, accelerate the building of hydrogen energy demonstration city, strive to achieve a win-win economic development and ecological protection.The five hydrogen fuel mixers and three hydrogen fuel tractors to be delivered in Yueyang are manufactured by Sany Group, among which the hydrogen fuel mixers are the first batch to be delivered in the world.Xiang Wenbo, director and Party secretary of Sany Group and chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, said hydrogen energy is clean, efficient, sustainable and resource-rich, and is hailed as the ultimate energy in the 21st century.The development of the hydrogen energy industry is not only in line with the “dual carbon” strategy, but also conducive to solving energy security issues. It has broad prospects and huge space in the future.In recent years, Yueyang city has seized the opportunity to vigorously promote the development of hydrogen energy industry by relying on the advantages of rich hydrogen energy resources, mature hydrogen transport technology and complete supporting industries. In 2018, Yueyang city began to plan to build a hydrogen energy demonstration city. In 2019, it officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Federation of Industrial Economics on the development of hydrogen industry.In 2020, yueyang Hydrogen Energy City Construction and Hydrogen Energy Industry Development Plan (2020-2035) was successfully compiled, accelerating the development of the city’s hydrogen energy industry into a fast lane.