Guizhou: “Post storage green” adds luster to rural revitalization

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During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the focus of work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers was shifted from poverty alleviation to rural vitalization.Facing the new era, post office bank of guizhou branch hold the baton, history, with the advantages in the network throughout the urban and rural, around the “four new” main “four modernizations”, give full play to the mail silver synergy, focusing on 12 special advantage industries of agriculture, promote the development of agricultural modernization, serving local agricultural supply side structural reforms, wipe with a green “post office” for the country revitalization of grace.Thus, zunyi red hot pepper branches, also red hot people’s day;Liupanshui kiwi ripe, also bear farmers “happy fruit”;Yinjiang beef cattle thrive, the success of farmers to get rich hope……As of late 2021, the post office bank of guizhou branch has accumulated providing all kinds of agricultural loans exceeds one hundred billion yuan, the loan balance continued positive growth in poverty region, in 20 countries rural revitalization focus on helping each loan balance of 5.98 billion yuan county, focus on helping county loan growth is higher than the loan growth, Michael good “to” the first step in rural revitalization.Guizhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank helped Shanghua Village of Tianzhu County to create rice fields of 100 mu, and beautiful countryside was painted.Post office bank of guizhou branch credit hold the baton To increase the four security service rural revitalization strategy, promote rural farmers to common prosperity, post office bank of guizhou branch made the country revitalization of the implementation opinions on “difference” services, around to consolidate development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization, clear roadmap to increase support “three rural”.Around the blueprint, take advantage of the momentum, rely on is a word – dry!In the face of the new situation, the bank has continuously improved its professional service system for agriculture, rural areas and rural areas. From top to bottom, the bank has set up a three-tier organizational structure including the Rural Revitalization Leading group, the Agriculture, Rural areas and Rural Areas Financial Service Management Committee and the Agriculture, Rural Areas and Rural Areas Financial Division, and consolidated the bank’s strength to strengthen the research, deployment and supervision of relevant requirements in agriculture, rural areas and rural areas.Consolidate the first responsibility of the head of the line at all levels to ensure that the work level is improved and practical problems are solved.Separate assessment indicators, establish corresponding assessment systems and incorporate them into the performance assessment of the whole bank, combine the inclusive agricultural loans with preferential policies and subsidies, maintain the continuity of performance assessment, policy support and cadre selection, and ensure that the support policies remain unchanged and the intensity of support is not reduced…To respond to the era of rural revitalization with a series of policies.Tackling “accurate” and “innovation”, to build and form a set of credit, payment clearing, wealth management, comprehensive financial solutions “four lines” “mail benefit farmers” product system, “zheng tong” via “agricultural loan” via “net lending” “borrowed” pepper “borrowed” tobacco, and other financial products to promote the agriculture rural pumping up the waves,PSBC has been widely recognized by urban and rural residents, professional agricultural cooperatives, and large farmers in cultivation and breeding, and continues to shape its unique image as a new force for rural revitalization.Firmly on the people’s position, strengthen the professional staff team construction, and strive to foster a understand agriculture, love the countryside, farmers “three rural” financial “and the two love” tiejun, nearly 500 “SAN nong” credit service professionals in rural areas to make the long, provide the customers with the temperature, speed, omni-directional and multi-level financial services,The depth and breadth of agricultural services rank in the forefront of large banks.The meaning of the word “dry” is increasingly abundant in the context of high-quality development of PSBC Guizhou Branch — taking the lead in the implementation of digital economy strategy!In 2021, with the help of big data, cloud computing, block chain and other fintech “cloud” dance, we will build a unique digital financial bank that serves rural revitalization, strengthen technological empowerment, inject a steady stream of technological and financial power into the traditional resource endowment of rural areas, and make the vast land of Guizhou full of enthusiasm for development.The Guizhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank wrote “the second half of the article” on the relocation of poor people from inhospitable areas, and the residents in the mountains “can move” and “can live steadily”.Post office bank of guizhou branch credit conform to the development trend of digital agriculture and rural areas, adhere to the “three rural” financial “a common thread” digital transformation, exert “online and offline” and mail together two silver advantage, build agricultural rural large data, argues silver zheng docking, mail three platforms, silver cooperation and docking and credit village farmers, rural resources, government affairs, member of the group, four types of data,We will build a working framework for five scenarios of rural production and operation at the county level, daily consumption, agriculture-related industrial ecology, group coordination, and rural government affairs, and promote the development of agriculture, rural areas, and farmers in the first year of the 14th Five-year Plan.It serves the rural revitalization plan and the implementation plan of financial digital transformation for agriculture, rural areas and farmers to provide guidance for the activation and development of a new climate.The bank for the county individuals, businesses, governments, group collaboration, digital risk control, brand construction and so on six big domain, for promoting the construction of agriculture and rural areas big data platform layout, rural ecological landscape, the revitalization of the company’s business mobile payment scene construction of county areas, “mail” E chain platform, mail silver ten core project construction of coordination and cooperation, build up a cornerstone, erected across the poles.Keep pace with The Times, committed to innovation, continue to write a new story: we will continue to do a facility to the branches of poverty region, poverty population, and the national key support county financial services, to 20 countries rural revitalization focus on helping county branch, 30 provincial rural revitalization policy support resources, focus on helping county subbranch of a bank helps the “SAN nong” shining career mountain;We will establish a fault-tolerant mechanism for product innovation, organize product innovation selection, and use high-quality financial services for agriculture, rural areas, and farmers to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation efforts and support all-round rural revitalization.Step by step, we will instill a distinct stamp of postal storage in guizhou’s rural revitalization, helping strengthen agriculture, make rural areas more beautiful and farmers more prosperous.The magical latitude, appropriate temperature and precious humidity of the day have bred zunyi pepper with a harmonious spicy taste and warm and mild taste, which not only makes the small pepper popular in the domestic market, but also goes abroad and occupies a place in the world stage.In The China Pepper Town in Xiazizhen town, Zunyi City, countless pepper merchants are busy negotiating business with purchasers from all over the country every day. The LED screen on the wall constantly refreshes the daily transaction price, which has become the “vane” of the major pepper market in the country.In recent years, Zunyi has made a plan to build a world pepper processing and trade base, in order to promote the development of the whole chain of the industry blueprint.Stick to the development plan, the post office bank of guizhou branch connected to each other, hand in hand closely dependent postal branch into the pattern of regional development in guizhou, with China post the advantage of the most important strategic and core, “mail silver synergy” together the deepening the rural market, give full play to the business flow, logistics, cash flow, information flow and “four circulations” advantage,In the collaborative development to stimulate huge potential, draw the biggest business development “concentric circle”, to help Zunyi pepper to cultivate world-class agricultural industry, constantly expand competitive advantages in the world.At the beginning of its construction, China Pepper City was supported by the bank’s credit fund of 200 million yuan, successfully completed the construction of advantageous industrial cluster and long promoting cold chain logistics project, and established a supply chain finance to provide funds for enterprises and open up the upstream business of the pepper industry.The production, processing and sales chain of standardized product brands of industrial chain, intelligent production line processing, cold storage and storage business, and digital trading platform has been fully established, which has expanded domestic and foreign channels for the industry and increased its power to impact global competition.Starting from helping enterprises with financing, helping farmers with sales, benefiting farmers and increasing their income, Postbank and PostBank have completed seamless financial marketing links with farmers’ cooperatives, family farms, agricultural materials companies, wholesale markets and other operating entities.In the face of “difficult and expensive financing” in the industrial chain, the bank has provided 380 million yuan of credit support to a large number of enterprises and individual businesses, small and micro business owners, ordinary farmers, and large family farms with agricultural preferential policies such as reducing fees and transferring profits, to accelerate the integrated development of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries.Staff of Guizhou Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank “check the pulse” of enterprises in the pepper industry chain.”From credit support to postal service, e-commerce sales assistance, postal storage services, excellent products, fast lending, wide postal routes, high efficiency, cost saving.”Referring to the coordinated “one-stop” service of Postal bank, Hu Guangfen, head of Plateau Mountain Organic Food Co., LTD., praised the enterprise and the farmers.The behavior plateau mountain township, Guisanhong, including a number of pepper enterprises to provide credit support, in its pepper production base in nanping village to establish a credit village, to achieve more than 100 people credit up to more than 4 million yuan.At the same time, will also introduce a number of enterprises pepper products into the postal network, postal “919” e-commerce festival, Guizhou Post and other e-commerce channels, combined with the postal “e-commerce + delivery” business, so that Zunyi pepper products “Guizhou goods out of the mountain”, fly into the thousands of.Vice general manager, the rural financial Wu Hua is introduced: “mail silver on both sides by channel multiplexing, product sharing, equity swaps, effectively integrate ‘financial + electricity + deliver’ resources, to provide customers with credit card, credit, quick pay and electricity distribution, Posting and delivering LanShou one-stop comprehensive financial services, real play together ‘1 + 1 & gt;The double effect of 2 ‘effectively promotes the scale of pepper industry to become bigger and stronger.”Prosperous industry brings prosperous days to zunyi people, and brings vigor and vitality to the growth of local industry.At the same time, the two sides adhere to market-oriented, mechanism as the guarantee, with the project as the starting point, the establishment of The Postal Bank cooperative agricultural benefit special class, through diversified and comprehensive financial services, formed a unique “postal storage scheme”, collaborative work everywhere.Kiwi fruit industry in liupanshui city, with the bank credit funds, combined with the postal business service fee reduction benefits, electricity sales platform, to build the “company + cooperative + poor” (base) industry poverty reduction mode, etc., from production to sales for the industry to provide comprehensive support, and promote industry downstream revenue income poverty population;A collaborative leading group has been set up around Renhuai liquor industry, with a combination of “channel sharing, brand co-creation, team co-construction and risk co-management”, granting loans of nearly 70 million yuan to various subjects in the industry chain.Introduce liquor, yellow flower and glutinous sorghum into the e-commerce platform of postal storage canteen, opening another development window.On the way of cooperation, Guizhou Post Bank has jointly distributed 968 branches in the province and created 2,575 credit villages. In 2022, it plans to build 6,000 credit villages, gradually enabling more farmers to obtain credit quickly, easily and efficiently.In 40 demonstration counties of agricultural cooperation, the Special class of Postal Bank promoted and launched 4,722 business loans of postal Bank benefiting farmers, with the amount exceeding 500 million yuan, to accelerate the convergence of capital flow, commerce flow, logistics flow and information flow to The mountains of Guizhou.”Synergy” reflects the “people’s postal service” for the people, full of deep feeling and work enthusiasm of the masses, effective “hard” financing difficulties, sales, logistics “, further improve the production and marketing docking system, through the efforts makes the farmers’ profits, consumers will benefit from the service mode, then opened up a whole agriculture, farming, the rich peasants service country revitalization of the path.This is the remarkable and unique advantage of Postbank Cooperation.Spectrum of the revitalization of Marty natalegawa Good wind sail hung to open the new board with the growth of feelings, in which post office bank of guizhou branch focus on rural development overall strategy, the province’s agricultural industry layout, service local agricultural supply side structural reform, comprehensively carry out big visits, in the practice of “of urban and rural, hui people is to the” social responsibility, constantly create a Marty natalegawa.The bank will implement the “four not to be taken” in the action, the service to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation continue to extend — focus on the province’s 12 agricultural characteristics and advantages of agriculture and more than 500 mu of dam area agriculture, constantly explore the development of the road of innovation.Aiming at the goal of digging industrial value deeply, taking key industries and government departments, constructing the mode of “political and silver bear” with provincial Agriculture and Rural Affairs Department and Provincial Agricultural bear Company, developing 12 agricultural characteristic and advantageous industrial loan products in Guizhou, such as Traditional Chinese medicine loan, Guizhou pig loan, fruit loan and guizhou pepper loan.A large number of industries and new agricultural entities, such as tea, vegetables, roxburgh rose, Chinese medicinal materials and chili peppers, have stepped out of their original territory and stepped onto the vast stage of development.Centering on the strategy of “storing grain in land and storing grain in technology”, guizhou should focus on the two keys of cultivated land and seeds to firmly grasp the initiative of food security.To provide wholesale and zero-linkage financial services, promote the research of rural land projects, cultivate and support the development of a number of national industrialization key leading seed enterprises with strong independent research and development capabilities, in order to stabilize the basic market of important agricultural products and ensure stable production and supply.Six national modern industrial parks, including Shuicheng and Xiuwen, were promoted; shaxi town, Dejiang County, a strong agricultural town, and six advantageous industrial clusters, including edible fungi and beef cattle, were built; and bright lights continued to be lit on the road of pursuing dreams of agricultural modernization in Dashan.Focusing on the “four Innovations” and focusing on the “four Modernizations”, with ecological livable and effective governance as the key to rural revitalization, we are constantly thinking and exploring.We will consolidate infrastructure development and extend it to every village and household, so that more and more rural areas now have access to a full set of water, electricity and heating.To serve the construction of “four Modernization” in our province, and to help huangguoshu Waterfall, Zhijin Cave and a group of 4A level or above scenic spots and national whole-region tourism demonstration area to open the construction of the beginning;Rural household garbage disposal, sewage treatment, river and lake water system renovation projects have been built one after another, improving the rural ecological environment;We will ensure the continuous supply of financial services to 184 branches in 20 counties with key rural revitalization assistance, and ensure the uninterrupted supply of basic financial services in rural and county areas.Guizhou Branch of Postal Savings Bank financial support tea into “gold” leaves, villagers smile.Guizhou Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank deeply practices “clear water and green mountains are gold and silver mountains” and aims at guizhou’s unique ecological advantages to dig green “rich reserves”.As the first state-owned commercial bank in Guizhou province to provide credit support for the national reserve forest loan, it exclusively supported the total loan of 240 million yuan for the national Reserve Forest construction project in Chishui city.As of December 2021, the province of 10 countries ChuLin project credit amount is 2.6 billion yuan, YingZaoLin task will be completed after the completion of 550000 mu, forest stock volume is expected to reach 14.91 million cubic meters and carbon sequestration of up to 340000 tons, help the province’s forest ecosystem carbon sequestration ability improved, more and more people steadied hills and green “iron rice bowl”.Around guizhou photovoltaic power generation, wind power, power generation, such as sewage treatment on the capital of 12.223 billion yuan, help wujiang river energy group in guizhou, guizhou HuiXin water environmental industry co., LTD., such as energy companies continue to move the green development, promote clean energy development in guizhou are flawed, to achieve “carbon was at peak, carbon neutral,” into the kinetic energy of the green and ecological civilization construction.Facing the characteristics of small and scattered rural financing needs and the need to expand the coverage of agricultural support, the power of fintech to stimulate agricultural vitality and build a better future of digital agriculture.Internet financial products such as “Small Loan E-Jiedai”, “Small Speedloan” and “Net Business Loan” have emerged as The Times require. Loans can be made within 10 minutes of application, and loan officers can complete the whole loan process in the field by using mobile exhibition industry, truly enabling data to run errands and customers to walk less.With the support of 3.4 billion yuan of online loans from the bank, more and more small and micro agriculture-related enterprises and self-employed households have sprung up to realize jointing growth.Green fields, beautiful countryside, thriving industries and enriching people. Full of pride and speed up efforts in colorful Guizhou, PSBC Guizhou Branch is accelerating rural revitalization through finance in the new era.(Zheng Guo, Ling Mei)