Minhang ancient Beauty for the district long rental apartment personnel to send food 12,000 pounds

2022-07-13 0 By

On April 5, 2022, 4,000 love vegetable gift packages (boxes) were welcomed in Gumei Road Street, Minhang District, Shanghai, and distributed to some residential communities and people with special difficulties.At 7:00 am, Zhang Hui, the director of Gumeilu Street Urban Operation Management Center and Emergency Command Center, was already here and felt relieved. He applied for unloading 400 pieces of cargo and immediately reported the good news in the wechat communication group of gumeilu Street Scale Rental Group.Then immediately organize 18 people from relevant street departments to send “rations” to the people in the closed control of 20 serviced apartments under the jurisdiction.There are 2,271 people living in gumei’s long-term rental apartments, mainly Courier boys, factory workers and restaurant employees.Today’s food distribution is stored in foam boxes from the bottom up with potatoes, Onions, radishes, cucumbers, vacuum-packed food, noodles, etc., distributed among five people living in the apartment, enough for two to three days.Minhang Gumei received 400 vegetable gift packages for residents living in the district chief’s rented apartment today.Director of gumeilu Street City Operation management Center and emergency command Center checked the composition of food and whether it was spoiled.Distribution personnel for Longming Road Yuelai apartment distribution of 20 boxes of food.Wangtai apartment on Longming Road received 19 boxes of love food.All those responsible for renting apartments in gumei district were pulled into the wechat group organized by relevant functional departments of the street to timely communicate with various problems encountered in the sealing and control process.”If you have any difficulty, just tell us and we will help you figure it out.If we have donated materials, we will consider them first. If we don t have any, we will buy them for you.Zhang Hui to long – term rental apartment residents eat reassurance.