Smile | hide the trick of wine a day

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The unique recruit liu Hu that hides wine has a bit in the hand of small right, then 3 days 2 and 3 by friend “bind” go drinking, every time be inebriated greatly.For this, his wife has been arguing with him.Helpless, Liu Hu had to think of a way to hide wine.This day noon, the friend calls again, call him to drink.At the moment, Liu Hu is at home with his wife.He picked up the phone and said with dignity, “I’m in the hospital getting an injection.”Friends had to pull down.Put down the phone, Liu Hu was about to have dinner with his wife, someone knocked at the door outside, originally, a friend suddenly came to check.Liu Hu was caught alive on the spot, was taken to the wine table on two large cups of wine, the results of nature is back home by people.Two days later, Liu Hu was invited to drink.He picked up the glass to drink, suddenly thought of something, quickly said: “can’t drink, can’t drink, last night I hit the cephalosporin injection, the doctor repeatedly told three days absolutely can’t drink!”He raised the back of his hand and pointed to the black eye of the needle.Zhang SAN, who was sitting next to him, quietly brought a basin of water. Suddenly he pressed Liu Hu’s hand into the water and washed away the black “needle eye” on the back of his hand.Originally, that is his wife with a black pen to smear black spots.The crowd laughed, Li Hu was heavily fined once again, and finally was carried back home.A few days later, Liu Hu’s vitality has not fully recovered, and his friend invited him to drink.Liu Hu can’t stand it, sad face said: “you look for my wife to ask for leave.”So liu hu’s friends accompanied him home.The wife of liu Hu hears is call her husband drink, busy say: “friend treat, have to go!But we have to sign a contract.”Then he took out a contract, which read: I take the initiative to invite Liu Hu to drink, guarantee compensation in accordance with the standard of industrial accidents caused by liu Hu drunk treatment costs, nursing costs, nutrition costs, lost work costs;If accidental casualties occur, one-time compensation liu Hu family two million yuan, and support their parents, bring up their children.The friend read, and fled in panic.Author: Xu Shangming