The elderly also have the right to pursue beautiful things, Dapeng Education silver students watercolor works appreciation!

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When many old people get older, they will have all kinds of concerns and are unwilling to try new things and develop hobbies.But in fact, in today’s society, the pursuit of the elderly beautiful things, fashion is not uncommon, let us walk into dapeng education today, enjoy the watercolor works from the pen of the silver-haired students together!”I participated in dapeng Academy of Fine Arts four-in-one painting for nearly 8 months, completely white, learning sketch, gouache, watercolor, progress leap, has been 73 years old I, finally find life there is another wonderful living method rose.The emptiness of the past was filled by the fullness, joy and sense of accomplishment of later life.Thanksgiving Dapeng teachers, each patient and meticulous teaching and guidance, wish dapeng education do better and better ~ “this is a dapeng education” I speak for myself “activities in the message of the elderly students, after reading her several works, xiaobian really surprised, really good painting!It is rare to learn to draw at the age of 70, let alone learn to paint watercolors at the age of 70, and still draw so well!From color to brushwork, we have to praise the elderly student’s superb skills, as expected, art can express a person’s heart.Such vibrant pictures and colors, blooming flowers and plants, all show the author’s vitality and positive attitude.Just think, if you don’t tell xiaobian that this is the work of an old man, who wouldn’t think that this is the work of a young girl?Dapeng education fine arts institute student works appreciation good learning attitude nature has good harvest, this student is not just a good picture, it is for many times to get the selection of the star of progress, see the flowers she writes, it is really lively, vivid.In fact, watercolor is such a vibrant painting.Strong light, gorgeous colors, are very into the mood.When a bright and clean color, transparent and lively picture, and dripping fresh watercolor painting presented in front of people, I believe that anyone can feel the kind of relaxed and joyful vitality.Want to feel the vigorous vitality of the art world, want to understand the meaning of beauty through creation with artists?Dapeng Education’s watercolor course is not to be missed.Start learning and start a new life!Disclaimer: the market has the risk, the choice needs to be careful!This article is for reference only, not for sale basis.