Haidian Xueyuan Road street held “welcome the Winter Olympics, celebrate the Spring Festival, calligraphy fragrance send blessings” activities

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On Jan. 25, the tenth day countdown to the Beijing games, is the traditional Chinese new off-year north, to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, to create a “share the games celebration, celebrate the Spring Festival” atmosphere, on the premise of do a good job in disease prevention and control measures, xueyuan road neighborhood offices invited federation in education and training committee and the calligraphy and painting photography committee,In the petroleum Symbiosis compound to carry out the “winter Olympics, New Year, calligraphy fragrance send blessings” activities.Members of the leadership team of Xueyuan Road Sub-district Office of Haidian District, many famous calligraphers and painters of the Education and Training Committee of The China Guangdong Federation and the Calligraphy and Painting Photography Committee, relevant staff of the Party office of China Film Science and Technology Research Institute, and calligraphy lovers of the jurisdiction jointly participated in the activity.The scene of the activity of calligraphy fragrance, calligraphy teachers red spread, full of thick ink, hard writing, graceful strokes……The word “fu” condenses everyone’s vision and yearning for a better life in the year of the Tiger. A delicate Spring Festival couplet is full of festive blessings, “together to the future” wrote everyone’s deep expectation of the Winter Olympic Games. Between the lines are full of the old and welcome the new, and the good wishes of fu Naxiang.During this activity, nearly 300 pairs of Spring Festival couplets, the character “fu” and the theme slogan of the Winter Olympic Games were written, adding a strong flavor to the upcoming Spring Festival and making everyone feel the charm of traditional culture and rich festival atmosphere in a cheerful atmosphere.Many residents at the site also held up the word “fu” to welcome the Winter Olympics, “together to the future”!Xueyuan road neighborhood offices, deputy director of the people’s livelihood security office director hung shing said in his speech, xueyuan road street has been committed to the construction and development of the region culture, in the future, will continue to carry forward the excellent traditional culture street, around the traditional festivals, such as node, actively explore the traditional culture and the combination of science and technology, innovation culture activity form, meet the demand of the cultural diversity,Let residents share the achievements of cultural development in Xueyuan Road area.Yin Fan, a party official of The China Film Science and Technology Institute, a new era civilization practice pair unit, also came to the scene to participate in the activity, to the local residents to send New Year’s greetings.