Yuanxiao, celebrate the New Year!The New Year symposium and tea tasting meeting of Fujian Provincial Customs Work Commission ended successfully

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Feeling full yuanxiao, together have a blessing of the state.On February 15, fujian Provincial Commission of Customs affairs held a symposium and tea tasting in Fuzhou.In order to do a good job in tea culture, tea industry, tea technology this big article, fujian Provincial Commission of Customs work, cross-Straits tea industry exchange association and other units related leaders gathered together, talk about the New Year work, looking forward to the new development of tea industry.This symposium is co-sponsored by fujian Provincial Commission of Customs Affairs and cross-Straits Tea Industry Exchange Association, and is the 130th activity of sea Tea Contest in China.It is reported that fujian Customs commission has been very concerned about the development of tea industry.Since 2008, based on tea and other fujian-featured industries, the Fujian Provincial Commission of Customs Work has carried out the “seed project” for rural youth to become rich. By organizing training courses at provincial, provincial and county levels, tea makers’ workshops, rural industry promotion, project promotion and tea evaluation activities, nearly 46,000 rural youth have been cultivated as leaders in entrepreneurship and prosperity.We will encourage 71,200 rural households in neighboring areas to start businesses and get rich, and blaze a trail of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization with the characteristics of the Commission.At the symposium, Liu Qunying, director of fujian Provincial Commission of Customs Affairs, sent New Year’s greetings, reviewed the work in 2021 and made plans for the work in 2022.Guo Yaling, deputy director of agriculture Committee of Fujian Agriculture and Agriculture Commission and professor of Tea Department of Horticulture College of Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, talked about tea knowledge and brewing and tasting skills around famous and excellent tea products and Tasting Techniques, popularizing tea culture for tea lovers present.At the same time, yao Lihong, the national second-level tea master and tea media anchor, brought the tea ceremony “Jasmine Tea, Fragrance everywhere”.Tea is a kind of cultural expression, but also the spiritual sustenance of people who love tea. The leaders at the forum tasted the minnan oolong tea, white tea and rock tea in turn. The aroma, color and taste of different kinds of tea have their own strengths.This New Year tea tasting and New Year symposium will let more people have a deep understanding of Chinese tea culture, learn tea making skills and knowledge, and feel the first fragrance of tea in the New Year.The activity has been strongly supported by cross-Straits Tea Industry Exchange Association fighting tea Culture Promotion Committee and other units and enterprises.Click to view: only high camellia single bud, no grade…About the legendary life of “Jin Junmei”, the founder of tea Media/Xu Qing duty editor/Tang Huiying