Record of epidemic prevention and control work in Baqiao District No. 8 Kindergarten

2022-07-15 0 By

Sunshine News (Reporter: Liu Jie, correspondent: Wang Ping) In order to fully implement the deployment requirements of COVID-19 prevention and control, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control training for all the staff in the kindergarten, improve the ability to deal with emergency drills and eliminate the kindergarten.On February 14, 2022, all the staff of Xi ‘an Baqiao District No. 8 Kindergarten made preparations for the opening of the school.In the first part, zhang Weina, a health care doctor, held a training meeting on epidemic prevention and control for all the staff, sharing information on the transmission route of COVID-19, symptoms of COVID-19, prevention measures and elimination ratio, etc.The second part organized all the staff to conduct pre-school epidemic prevention and control drills, and conducted simulation drills for different scenes from children entering and leaving the kindergarten;The third part, the teaching and administrative staff to the kindergarten environmental sanitation cleaning and completely eliminate, to ensure the orderly development of kindergarten education and teaching work.Through a series of epidemic prevention and control work, all the staff have a deeper understanding of the epidemic prevention work in the park, and will continue to do a good job of sanitation and eradication with strict requirements.The park will continue to improve and optimize epidemic prevention measures to ensure the health and life safety of teachers and children and make adequate preparations for the new semester.‍