Rinehart’s Gorodok Group, which encircled seven German infantry divisions, was annihilated

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On December 13, 1943, in order to destroy Rinehart’s Gorodok group, the Soviets first shelled Rinehart’s positions, following the traditional pattern.Because of bad weather, no planes were used to bomb.With the artillery ready, the 11th Guard Corps and the 4th Commando Corps attacked.The Germans were clearly well prepared and put up a stiff resistance against the 11th Guards Army, which was the main attack.After heavy fighting, only a small number of Red Army forces were knocked into the main German defensive zone, only breaking through the first defensive position.On the southwest side of the auxiliary attack of the 4th Shock Army was relatively successful, breaking through the main German defenses.Stimulated by this victory, the 11th Grenadier Army also shifted its main force from the centre to the right wing on December 14, joining the 1st Tank Army and the 83rd Grenadier Division.The battle continued until 16 December, when the opposing red Army tanks of the 1st and 5th armies joined forces at Baqiha station.The Soviets claim to have encircled four German infantry divisions.Two of these divisions attempted to break out westward and were also routed by the 4th Assault Army.But the Soviets reported only seven German divisions decimated and none wiped out.