Taishan district will send festival warmth to the heart of the poor people

2022-07-15 0 By

Qilu net · Lightning news On January 29, the end of the year, in order to let the people in difficulty spend a happy and peaceful New Year’s Festival, Tai ‘an City, Taishan District multiple measures simultaneously, more than a point of force, warm heart care, all-round protection of the basic living needs of the people in difficulty, the party and the government’s warm care to the people in difficulty heart.Taishan fully implemented the policy of ensuring the basic living standards of people in need. On the one hand, it promptly distributed 32.22 million yuan in subsistence allowances and other relief funds, effectively guaranteeing the basic living standards of 2,514 people receiving subsistence allowances and 388 people living in extreme poverty.On the other hand, a total of 1.4067 million yuan of one-time heating subsidies were provided to urban and rural residents in need in winter to ensure that they could get warm in winter. Temporary assistance was also intensified. During the New Year’s Day and the Spring Festival, a special temporary relief fund of one million yuan was allocated, and the temporary relief reserve fund of each street and town reached over 100,000 yuan.We will ensure that families with temporary difficulties have access to help and receive assistance in a timely manner.Before the festival, the district has been in the district, street, village level three to carry out visits to the poor people condolence activities accumulated to more than 100 times, condolence nursing home 2, visited all kinds of objects more than 1000 people, has invested more than 200,000 yuan in relief funds, procurement of rice, flour, cooking oil and other daily necessities.Through visits, visits and face-to-face conversations at the grassroots level, the party and the government’s care and warmth will be conveyed to the people in need at the grassroots level.Tai shan district continued to strengthen “winter warmth” special assistance, to carry out the manned 24 hours a day and street patrol system, increase of station, street, bridge culvert, tunnel and focus for vagrants and beggars activities such as camping area patrolling, do one found, help a patrol 56 times, rescue homeless people stranded personnel 103 people,For vagrants and beggars to build up a safe and warm way home.Flash news reporter Wang Xun correspondent Yun Junxia taian report