Weifang: The Spring Festival will be to the strong flavor of 100 New Year pictures to celebrate the New Year

2022-07-15 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming.On January 26, 100 New Year paintings were displayed in Weifang Shiwat Cultural Block, adding a thick flavor of the New Year.As a traditional folk art, New Year paintings are well known for their bright colors and vivid contents, which are loved by weifang citizens.Weifang folk New Year paintings have a long history, the earliest form is door god, and gradually formed a unique artistic characteristics.In Weifang, there are both Yangjiabu wood-block New Year pictures, and gaomi New Year pictures, and Linqu hand-painted New Year pictures, Qingzhou farmer paintings.New Year paintings show strong regional characteristics.It is understood that the 100 paintings will be on display until March 4.During the Spring Festival, weifang citizens can visit the site free of charge to feel the infinite charm of traditional culture.Reporter Li Yang Weicheng rong media Xing Zhigang