Where on earth are you in a man’s heart, looking at these three little things is enough

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People’s life, in fact, is made up of countless details, large and small.For a man, in the face of his most beloved woman, the heart will really want to give her the best life.But the so-called good life is not in your monthly salary of 5000 yuan, not a penny to her, you have to wait until you have saved 5 million yuan, then give her a surprise.Love in real life is nothing more than a porridge, a meal, a tea and wine. If he doesn’t put you in the most important place in the most details of life and the most easy place in life, why would he love you deeply?Some men, just like to say the most beautiful love words to you, but if it can not be staged in life, it actually has no meaning.Generally speaking, it’s enough to look at these three little things to know where you are in a man’s heart.Even if angry again, also won’t hit you two people together, can’t really have no contradiction.Even if two people love each other, everyone will have their own temper, just because the heart love each other, so they will be willing to tolerate each other, to accept each other’s small problems.The so-called love, is not a joke in a real day after day.Therefore, no matter what happens between you, even if the man is angry, he will not hit you, nor will he leave you alone, which means that you have a very important position in his heart, and even can break his bottom line again and again.If he is not deeply in love with you, why does he wronged himself so?After all, if he doesn’t love you, he’s under no obligation to accommodate you.Even if you are wrong, you will defend your love for a person to others, not only appreciate her good points, but also her bad points.In fact, just like your parents, even if you have a lot of complaints about them, but it is only your own voice, when others say they are not good, you will naturally stand up for them.When you love someone, the same is true, you can say she is not good, but others can not say so.So, even if you do wrong, he will stand with you in front of outsiders, will defend you in front of outsiders, back home to analyze your problems, then he must be deeply in love with you.On the contrary, when others say that you are not, he will not help you, but will follow together to make fun of, or even to cut you off, that must not love you.If anything goes wrong, he’ll leave you alone.No matter how small it is, if I tell you, I will surely do it. One of the biggest manifestations of a man’s deep love for a woman is that he does it, which is the embodiment of a man’s sense of responsibility.In other words, don’t expect a future from a man who promises you a million wonderful things, but never delivers on them, or even makes an effort.On the contrary, no matter how small things are, if he has said to you or promised you, he will do it. It seems small, but this is the most real expression that he really cares about you.You know, outside of love, everyone has their own life, there are a lot of things to deal with, if not put you in the heart, he may turn around and forget what he said, let alone talk about cash.Because I love you, I put you on the top of my list. If I don’t love you, why would I do that?