Attention!Xi ‘an International Football Center latest development exposure

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Attention!Xi ‘an International Football Center latest progress exposure!The 2023 Asian Cup is getting closer and closer to us. Xi ‘an International Football Center, located in Xi Xian New Area, is under construction as one of the venues for the Asian Cup.Xi ‘an International Football Center is located in the east of Fuxing Avenue and north of Ketong Third Road in Fengdong New City of Xi Xian New Area, covering an area of about 280 mu.Since the project started in August 2020, the 163,000 square meter concrete main structure of the venue has been capped, and the 7,600 tons of the world’s first double-layer orthogonal cable mesh steel mesh roof has been completed, and the main image has been initially presented.Xi ‘an center for international football technology Pan Junliang general said: “football centre roof is the world’s first orthogonal cable net roof, and a large dangling green platform, immersion and saddle precast stand curvy gradient of curtain wall system, such as the difficulty in the construction process are solved one by one, the present effect is better, and meet the design requirements.”Xi ‘an International Football Center is equipped with a new 5G smart venue management system, with a total of 60,000 seats, including 62 VIP rooms, a central podium, a World Cup grade ventilated, heated and anchored lawn and two FIFA-standard outdoor training fields.The stadium is designed and built in accordance with the highest standards of the Asian Football Confederation and FIFA, and can host first-class international football events including the Asian Cup and World Cup.As the epidemic prevention and control situation continues to improve, the football Center project is striving for progress to ensure both epidemic prevention and control and full resumption of work and production.Xi ‘an good housing recommendation Qujiang city Tree Heng Zhi Cloud purple cloud fu Zhonghai Chang ‘an Fu investment zhenjing review