Net red Shen Jie: small three upper, for the “national husband” Wang Sicong green handsome boyfriend?

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These two days net red circle, one side is NBCS dead paste coffee Shen Qunfeng break up melon, one side is Wang Sicong eat back grass love melon.Shen Jie, the woman who connects these melons, owns a melon field.Let’s start at the beginning.Around Valentine’s Day, Wang Sicong was spotted shopping for Internet celebrities in Macao.Because the principal has his own star spirit, so this “trip to Macao”, was fully photographed by the netizens.Netizens have been watching for flowers, meals and even a trip to a food stall.While everyone was frantically searching and eliminating each other to find out who the principal’s date was, online celebrity Shen Jie posted a short video with a meaningful caption: “Can it always be me?Others dare not say ah, but as far as Principal Wang is concerned, this is really too greedy ha principal frequently change female companion, we also see no wonder.But the funny thing is, in the other people happily beat drums and gongs to wish “rich people married”, claiming to be ordinary people paste coffee Shen Qunfeng announced that he broke up.That’s the part we just shot at the beginning, where he says he’s nice and kind, and he gives his best wishes.Anyone with a clear eye can see ah – love, not reconciled.Shen Qunfeng, a young man born in 1997, had a bright future.Just turned 20, already signed to Star Planet Cast, with 12 Star Fire Hunters rock group.He and Tube oak, kind of work together.In 2018, at the age of 21, he took part in the young Have You, ushering in a small career peak.He’s still a bit of a loser compared to the rest of us, but with his long legs, wide shoulders and height of 188, he’s still winning fans.It is said that he likes playing weiqi very much. No one can resist the literary atmosphere.Just when the company and his fans thought he was singing and making a scene on the ascent of his career, the guy quietly fell in love with Internet celebrity Shen Jie, and was stomped back by her fans.Station elder sister sorted out Shen Qunfeng from ambiguous to the timeline of love.The timeline also includes lying, cheating on fans and dating girlfriends.As a guy loves beans, why does a girl like you, you don’t know?After the station sister hammer also put a heart course, you can see very sad.And shen Qunfeng and the company’s emergency public relations mistake.Before long, I had a happy Christmas in my moments and Shenjie.His friends at the party gave him the code, but he was the first man to officially declare his love on his micro blog.After the explosion of their own teammates, ask teammates inner OS.At that time, Shen Jie also forwarded his official weibo, the two of them a pair of “mountains without edges, heaven and earth is brave and you must” posture.The entertainment circle deceiving and playing with women’s feelings of men see many, fall in love to talk about self-destruction of the future of men, director or the first time to see.And as everyone can see, this man, he did what he wanted.In shen Qunfeng this self-destruct love, Shen Jie is a leaf does not stick.Teenager began to mix the network shen Jie, kuaishou is the earliest batch of net red.Born in 1998, she is one year younger than Shen, but by the time Shen made her debut, she already had more than 700,000 followers on weibo.She and Han Anran (has been divorced has been having children has been fighting that), or good bestie.Friendship capsized, Han Anran also exploded her 700 one night.Other people’s youth, abortion quarrel when the net red, our youth, go to school, read books and write homework.This is what she looked like before the surgery.Like a spiritual sister of the earth.It’s all done. It’s all done.Now it is a famous lady, no wonder Sicong will accept her into the harem.In order to get her true biography, she also wrote a close tutorial, very good.Speaking of this “Macao trip”, Sicong is trying to make a comeback, why?That’s because the two already shared a relationship back in late 2017.At that time, Internet users found that she and Sicong were close to each other. She posted that some people said that she looked like a little squirrel, and Sicong’s head picture was also a little squirrel.When everyone has sealed the final verdict, Shenjie open her real boyfriend @ Marchen uncle.Ma Chen, born ma Chen in 1992, is a former model, singer and actress.However, the official announcement of love should have been congratulated, the Internet users out without a stop solid hammer Shenjie is mistress.And Marchen’s cheating ex-girlfriend threw a hammer at her.That Marchen, also is a cheat to play with the female feelings of the man, a foot more than ship, from not afraid of capsized, river’s lake known as “Sanlitun gun king”.And dated one of liu zhoucheng’s ex-girlfriends.This circle ·· this amount of information, can only say is not a family, not into a house.At that time, they were stripped of everything, and a handful of children on the top of the hot search.Absolutely did not expect, the record so beautiful female, still bouncing in the net red circle, is the so-called black red is also red?