18 pole reunion, incheon people tears eyes, theshy details revealed love situation

2022-07-17 0 By

New Year’s day is a time for reunions, and everyone should be at home with their relatives and friends.After the reunion, let us break an important news, that is, 18 extremely noon also short gather again, and in the party, theshy also broke out his emotional problems, should soon talk about love.Are you excited to hear this, as a native of Incheon? Let’s have a look at the specific situation.On the fifth day of the lunar New Year, Xiao Yu updated a video of the reunion of the 18-year champion cast.Theshy met two of them in the break room during the game. They were very close, but they were able to get away from each other for a short time.This time it was different. It was a party day, and they could talk big.After chatting, they were making dumplings together, which really made everyone warm.I wonder if the people in Incheon who saw this scene began to cry.On the other hand, while everyone is making fun of each other, Theshy is giving us some big news about his own relationship. As far as things are concerned, he’s going to be in love soon.Theshy although usually can always be lovely love, but the age has arrived, mature should already exist in the heart, should consider their lifetime event, a love is also very reasonable.I just don’t know how the other side of the person looks, progress to which step, hurry up and let the fans have a look at ah, but also collective to send a blessing? No.This news is true and strong, and once it was released, many fans were very excited.In addition, Theshy also said that he would like to become a musician in the future, which is definitely worth considering, after all, most professional players are made of youth, but because of the high salary, it is very possible to change career to become a musician in the future.I wonder what Theshy would look like as a musician.But don’t worry, theshy is still at the top of his game and won’t be leaving the pro game anytime soon.