Gansu released the 2022 Spring Festival theme tourism routes

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Recently, gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism has taken “Welcome the Winter Olympics · Enjoy Longyuan” as the main theme.Continues to carry out “the games are over annual spring green yumenguan” one hundred thousand field games are cultural activities, “the harvest, swim in gansu province” phantasmagoria huimin activities, cultural tourism “culture into m — live video home years” activities, overseas online show “happy Spring Festival” activities, “spring, green LongYuan cloud feast,” spring radix stemonae best field network literature and art show, etc. Series of games, and the newSpring themed cultural tourism activities,, rolled out “was splendid and colorful folk experience tour, snow mountains, enjoy all dream of snow and ice tour”, “harvest, gansu swim” five winter and spring tourism theme products, “the best in gansu, gansu countryside meet” article 15 spring rural tourism product lines, a-class tourist scenic spot “free Tours” “tour at half price” and so on five big, on the basis of winter and spring tourism huimin policy,The “2022 Spring Festival Holiday Themed Tourism Boutique Routes” will be specially released.Of the Yellow River in lanzhou, “is also very beautiful” Yellow River ecological experience winter swimming (representative scenic spots: Bai Dashan, mountain bridge, the Yellow River mother, statues, waterwheel museum park, estuary town, country-specific ones new era culture, longshan industrial park, quiet resort international ski resort, xinglong mountain ski resort) jiayuguan: “second to none in north-west of the Great Wall culture studies swim (representative scenic spots:Jiayuguan scenic spot, jiayuguan Great Wall museum of cultural relics, GeBiShi art painting art experience base, jiuquan jiayuguan Great Wall four seasons resort that hang) : “dunhuang dream” silk road classic lines read to swim across the year (representative scenic spots: dunhuang mogao grottoes, the singing crescent lake, dunhuang, yumenguan, sunlight, night market states SuoYangCheng, dunhuang impression qianhe snow park) zhang ye:Fascinating “Gold Zhangye” magical landform sightseeing tour (representative scenic spots: Colorful Danxia, Binggou Danxia, Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon, Barsi Snow Mountain, Shandan Foshan Ski Resort) jinchang: “China Nickel Capital” exploration “Midas Touch” experience tour (representative scenic spots:”Mars 1 Base”, Jinchuan Flower Culture Exhibition Hall, Jinchuan National Mining Park, Jinchuan Nickel Capital Pioneer Memorial Hall, Yongchang Nanba Ski Resort)Ray, the scenic spot, wuwei Confucian temple, dove moro what temple, liangzhou cemented memorial, ladder mountain scenic area, wuwei tower bay resort and day wish wuxiaoling international ski resort) silver: “culture” of industrial experience tour (representative scenic spots: the Yellow River stone forest scenic spot, throughout the country, open pit mine park, would ceramic town, the Yellow River stone forest resort) in linxia:”State” in the river village folk leisure (representative scenic spots: linxia eight lane 13 xiang, east mansion, tea horse ancient city, green brick factory, musical sound JiShiShan big mound gorge, hezheng SongMing rock international ski resort, yongjing phoenix valley international ski resort) : in gannan folk landscape photography tour “nine color of south gansu xiang ba la” (representative scenic spots:Ganjia Secret Land, Langmu Temple, Xicang Temple, Zhagana, Mira Riba Buddha Pavilion, Labrang Temple, Maqu The First Bay of the Yellow River) Dingxi: “Angelica Dingxi” tourist experience tour (representative scenic spots:Weiyuan Weiheyuan, Tongwei Hot Spring Resort, Lintao Yuelu Mountain, Longxi Lijia Dragon Palace, Taolechuan Ice and Snow World, Lintao Qianzigang Diao Chan Ice and Snow Garden, Longxi Gullywood Ski Resort) tianshui: “Xi Emperor’s Hometown” tour for seeking roots and visiting ancestors (representative scenic spots:Qinan earth bay, hexagrams taishan, fuxi temple, the maijishan grottoes, yuquan view, nanguo temple, tianshui maijishan, qin state green cuckoo mountain ski resort) longnan: “long on jiangnan” drunken beauty swim winter landscape light (representative scenic spots: down chang, takeshi wanxiang cave goose gorge, kang county flower bridge village, into the county west narrow ode, LiangDang mutiny memorial hall, YunBing three gorges) of out:”Asked kongdong” curing the lucky swim (representative scenic spots: wide into hotel, kongdong town, kongdong mountain, of out HuangFuMiSi flat health school, gv 10 counties of traditional Chinese medicine keeping in good health hall, huang-fu mi cultural park, sea village ditch resort, jingchuan county, pingliang she GongTianChi ski resort) qingyang: “south beam spirit” pursue experience tour (representative scenic spots:Qingcheng County Longdong District Memorial Hall, Huachi County Ma Xiwu Trial Display Hall, Huachi County Nanliang Red Scenic Area, Heshui County Taibai Shanxi-Gansu Red Army Memorial Park, Qingyang Longdong Snow and ice Fitness Base) lanzhou New Area: “Happy Tour New Area” quality life enjoy tour (representative scenic spots:Ice-snow athletes training center, the Great Wall in the west film studio, selenium-rich hot spring, lake, meiyuan rural complex/nature ecology garden, import and export commodity wholesale center, one hundred outlets, flower trade center) culture and tourism in gansu province hall warm prompt, please the masses of the tourists around the epidemic situation closely, reasonable arrangement,In experience “harvest swim in gansu,” the five winter and spring tourist theme product line, “luck on township in gansu, gansu” article 15 spring rural tourism product line and the Spring Festival of 2022 theme tourism in the process of fine lines, improve safety consciousness, strengthen personal protection, consciously abide by earthly epidemic prevention and control and safety management requirements, have a safe, healthy and happy lunar New Year holiday.Photo by Yang Liang, riverrun News reporter