Buy han EV promotion at present welcome to shop inquiries

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The world is in the pursuit of cost-effective era, car also need to be careful calculations to take advantage of all discounts.Recently, Foshan byd Han EV can be called this year’s eye-catching car concessions.The shop, which creates benefits for the majority of car buyers, has always been a popular shop in the region.Of course, good price should also match good quality, han EV’s quality force is also praised, do not believe?Let’s dig a little deeper…Interrupt a major news guangdong 2021 cars for new government and enterprise 3 heavy subsidies Guangdong enjoy Guangdong province!!Subsidy “price” to give more than a little byd main models can enjoy subsidies to shop replacement to 32,000 yuan subsidies.: BYD Juhui car buying season, BYD a number of models freezing price, value gift package, ultra-low down payment and other multiple positive!Intimate dealers for your professional customization of low down payment and low interest financial scheme, so that you buy a car without pressure!Every month, the customer service manager will organize and invite the owners to participate in the owner club activities such as watching movies, barbecues and self-driving trips.Buy the car immediately enjoy 24 hours rescue service, let you use the car no worries!- Flagship authorized dealer in Guangdong region, exclusive access to manufacturers and preferential support.Byd Foshan Andy tong store to provide you with professional consultants, perfect service, happy car buying experience.Sales, replacement, loan, insurance, licensing, after-sales one-stop 24 hours of perfect service, without worry.Enjoy exquisite gifts upon arrival!Byd Foshan Andy tong is BYD five star after-sales service station, more value extended warranty products for your choice, so that your car more than a guarantee, buy a car worry more assured, warmly welcome you to the store inquiry ~ let’s take a Lao Lao HAN EV this car……Interior, the Han EV does not disappoint, the new car is equipped with dual LCD instruments, and the steering wheel design is also very characteristic, using many people very much like the elements.In terms of configuration, han EV will be equipped with practical functions such as seat ventilation/heating, seat memory, and HUD display.During driving, in-car cameras and radar provide information within lane lines.Generally speaking, the performance of Han EV is still very bright, and this wave of preferential treatment for foshan market to bring a different shock.Would you like to know more specific preferential policies and vehicle information?If you are interested, call: 0757-82781891, address: No. 8-10, Block 2, Foshan (International) North District, No.83, Foshan Avenue, Chancheng District, Foshan city.