Can’t afford to lose!The man “gambling cheats” after retreat 120 thousand kill: means cruel, maintain death penalty!

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In order to be successful, some people can’t afford to lose. Not only they don’t abide by the rules, they are narrow-minded and only willing to cheat, but they are strict with others. They should stay away from this kind of people because they have no bottom line.February 19, hunan court rejected the appeal of the man Mo, because he was exposed in gambling, returning the victim’s money after brutally killed each other was caught, a trial after the death penalty mo appealed, the second trial rejected his appeal, maintain the death sentence, the victim’s family expressed satisfaction and recognition.36-year-old Lv Mou is the mainstay of our home, before, he and others in the village joint breeding chickens, ducks and ostriches, at leisure to do coolie to earn money, when the Spring Festival in 2020, because the outbreak reasons, most of the villagers have nothing to do at home, in February 2020, the villagers don’t certain about Lv Mou people to his home Fried golden flower, such as the night Lv Mou lose more than 10.A month later, Mo again about Lv and others gambling, that night, Lv lost more than 50,000 yuan, has been losing Lv began to suspect mo home poker problems, March 14, 2020 evening, Lv and another villager gambling in mo home garbage can found three cards, after professional identification,These cards wear special glasses to see the number and suit of the card.The next day, Lv Mou find a debunking him out of the thousands of affair, mo one agreed to return to Lv Mou 200000, refund of a part of the money to others at the same time, the mo to Lv Mou after 120000, commitment to the rest of the 8 per 2 months, also didn’t refund the next afternoon, mo one would Lv Mou cruel killed with a knife, after escape, after turn himself in.After the court of first instance to find out, a first purchased the video poker, then invite Lv Mou people such as gambling, after several gambling, Lv Mou lose the most, but after the discovery of a cheat, a promise to return Lv Mou 200000, but after drinking carry about meet Lv Mou kill pig knife, two people, after a row to kill Lv Mou mo a knife.Because it is committed in public, means is cruel, bad influence, the first instance sentenced mo mou death penalty, fine 30,000 yuan, but mo mou appeal, that he surrendered, the victim is also at fault, willing to compensate, request lighter punishment, but the second instance rejected mo mou appeal, maintained the first trial.Because hunan province high court thinks, the victim lu mou body has 14 wounds, 8 is located in the fatal place, 6 is located in the limbs, the defendant Mo mou does not have mental illness, have complete criminal responsibility ability, its gambling has constituted gambling crime, in the promise to lose money after the heart gives rise to resentment, kill Lv mou with a knife, Lv mou does not exist fault.And not a crime in the daytime, and a number of villagers going under its continues to crime, subjective vicious, bad plot, although one is surrender, but not enough to the light punishment, sentencing of trial, appropriate to maintain the death penalty, February 18, said Lv Mou younger brother, their family members are satisfied with the verdict, want to kill god’s truth.Don’t a are mainstay of our home, a monumental exploits, the family can enjoy family happiness, but because of gambling, let the two families into disaster, destroy the two families cost is too big, both teenagers and adults, all want to stay away from pornography, desire not to ruin the whole life, what do you think for this case, below message to share your opinion!