Jack Ma spent “extremely high price” to plant trees in the desert. Now five years have passed, how is the desert?

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Foreword Changes in the natural environment may bring about many unknown dangers.In fact, as long as people pay a little attention, they will find that the number of small wild animals you can see around is becoming less and less.The stars and the moon, which you could see when you looked up, slowly disappeared.At the same time, global temperatures are gradually rising and the Arctic and Antarctic beichuan are shrinking.All the changes are warning us that the natural environment is going to a bad development and we must do something to stop it.When it comes to protecting the environment, many people’s first reaction may be not to litter.Such measures can make the natural environment better, but if we restrict ourselves, rather than actively doing something about it, it will not solve the problem.So how can we improve the environment?One of the simplest is to plant a tree.But now whether it is urban or rural, it is rare to see someone planting trees.In the city, of course, there is no place to plant trees.In rural areas, there are more complicated reasons. For example, there are more trees in rural areas and no need to plant trees.Planting trees is not profitable, laborious and thankless;The management is too strict, neither planting trees nor cutting trees.In fact, as many people know, trees have to be planted in the right place to really bring benefits.Like in the desert, or on the edge of some cities against dust and so on.Beijing is a good example. Sandstorms start to wreak havoc every day in autumn and winter.And as more trees are planted, the annual dust storm has significantly improved.Over the past decade, our country has been actively protecting the environment, whether it is banning unauthorized felling of trees, or actively promoting environmental protection.China’s landform is actually very complex, in environmental governance, the most headache is the desert remediation problem.As is known to all, the desert is severely short of water, and the temperature difference between day and night is very large, few plants and animals can survive.It is not easy to cover the desert with a green blanket.In fact, if the desert remediation is only by national efforts, it is certainly far from enough.Many non-governmental organizations and enterprises are also trying to make a contribution. For example, Jack Ma, the founder and entrepreneur of Alibaba, launched ant Forest on alipay.I believe that many people who have used Alipay have entered the interface of ant forest.On a simple green page, there is a painting of a not-exacting tree, with grams of energy remaining in it.This energy is mainly generated by using Alipay to make payments.Energy can be easily collected, and when you have collected enough, you can choose a variety of plants to plant according to your preferences.Although on the phone, it is a virtual tree, like a simple planting game, there is no attraction.Ma Yun launched this section, and how can it be so simple?In fact, ant Forest is a real public welfare project. Every tree planted on mobile phones will be planted in the public welfare park in northwest China.According to relevant reports, the ant Forest project, ali alone every year investment reached hundreds of millions of yuan.It must be said that the ownership of these trees is in the state and society, not in the Ali group.This means that ant forest is indeed a “non-profitable” project.After many people learned about the nature of ant forests, there was some skepticism.Was the tree actually planted?Or is Ant Forest just a gimmick ma put forward to drum up money and never really implemented.In September 2021, someone photographed ant forest No. 227 in The Alxa region.While the photo looks empty with few trees, the ant screen shows that more than 150,000 trees have been planted in the area.Such a huge difference has attracted the attention of many netizens.Many people think the ant forest is a fraud, but some reasonable people say that such a situation is normal.Because the local climate environment of Alxa is very bad, it is good that half of the saplings planted can survive.While there are no imaginary trees in the picture, there are clearly saplings.You know, if those saplings had grown normally, they would have died.The saplings in Forest 227, though growing slowly, were always returned alive.It was obviously being looked after by someone.It is known that there are more and more tree-growers who work hard to gather energy in ant forests.As of 2021, ant’s user base exceeded 600 million and continues to grow, according to officials.Meanwhile, the total planting area has exceeded 3.97 million mu.The conclusion of such a huge number, so many people are praised.For most ordinary people, there may never be a chance to make a contribution to the environment by planting a tree, but now the ant forest gives you that chance.Jack Ma spent “sky-high” to plant trees in the desert. Now five years have passed, how is the desert?