Recommend a few happy funny net article god to make, save your book shortage

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Hello, everyone, I am the fire, today for everyone to recommend a few happy and funny network article boutique, all have finished this, I hope you will like.His Majesty’s enthronement.The writing is fluent, and the whole is joyous and depressing.The leading role is a hidden strength of the second product (without any emotional intelligence), to find the evil god as the main line, about four fifths of the front is full of all kinds of jokes and jokes, all kinds of combat scenes and supporting roles have a strong Japanese manga style, one of the heroine is directly used by the Obanmeiqin this setting.Is the most attractive place, although is also a collapse of the world, but different from the kind of ghost flurry, xiao-hua zhang collapse of warmth, the more to the back, give a person a kind of tension and depressing atmosphere slowly (have to say that word and scene control very well, the mood of turning point is not abrupt), and a little slowly reveals the truth of the book and the final boss,Read more than a thousand of this network novel for me, the outcome is unexpected and people have a kind of light sadness.In addition, although the protagonist is set as ruthless shang, in fact, the emotional depiction with the heroine is very delicate.By the author of Once Upon a Time There was A Mountain of Razor Blades.Hao Ren, the main character, is a censor of the Shiling Empire and the landlord of a group of abnormal creatures.Just two years in office, but very famous in the universe, specifically responsible for dealing with the dream plane, because of the performance of the work, was called bomb kernel by the censors.Joy and ridicule, relaxed and interesting, funny mixed with some touched.But isn’t the most fascinating part of the book about planes and adventures on unknown, mysterious planets?Although this book at first glance gives a person a kind of nerdy light fiction, but when read carefully, the sense of science fiction is far more than most of the beginning of the misnamed “science fiction”.Like invincible flow, daily flow of children’s shoes might as well try, relaxed and comfortable, happy simply can’t stop.Song Shuhang, the protagonist, accidentally joined a group of senior patients with two diseases in the exchange group, where the group of friends are to dao friends, group name cards are all kinds of house Lord, hole Lord, real person, master.All day long, they talk about alchemy, breaking into secret territory, refining experience.Suddenly one day, diving for a long time, he suddenly found that every member of the group, actually all of them are xiuzhen.This book is bland and humorous!For those who want to see cool prose, there is none;Nor is there anyone who wants to see the killing;Here only the monks experience the joy of life unlike ordinary people in their long training career!And the hilarious training trip of the protagonist!The idea of this book is amazing and leads to a new trend of fairy chivalry.The overall style is fresh, the writing is smooth, and the occasional jokes and jokes make people feel happy.Zhou Bai, the protagonist, travels to a world of despair and depression. He has a lazy qi system. The lazier the protagonist is, the higher his qi value is, which can be used to learn skills.I adopted a pair of cats and dogs. The dog is a little girl, and the cat is a portable grandfather, guiding the protagonist in training and teasing.As more heavy layer than a dark view of the world gradually show in front of the reader, the protagonist Zhou Bai also changed from “make more than young joy” image into step by step with hybrid Terran only hope is the only being supposed descendants, and all the stage of this period, detonated at the end of he day talk, finally ushered in the story the first high tide.This period of dramatic impact brought by the three major reversal, it as read at the beginning of “tian long ba bu” apricot Lin felt shocked when incident section: in the book’s more black than science fiction “new world” deep residual view of the world the truth revealed the tip of the iceberg, protagonist Zhou Bai were thrown into the more desperate than SAO feng human choices;Xiao Feng at least has a place to belong before the end, zhou Bai is the universe, has no place to return.From here on, the book fades the appearance of funny text, and really reveals the fangs hidden in the darkness of the dog, which coincides with the law of artistic creation that “comedy is tragedy in essence”.In this sense, the book is also a true anti-Reiki revival, shedding a bloody light on the dark side of the post-recovery fantasy and exposing the desperation of a runaway transcendent system.The author’s description of cats and dogs is superb.Fang Ning, the protagonist, is a late stage patient with severe procrastination. She is possessed by the system in the world of power awakening. As a result, due to the incurable lazy cancer, her body is taken over by the system, and her consciousness is locked in the system space.I had to become a system strategist in exchange for a chance to get out of jail.In the past, the mainstream system text was often teased by readers: after leaving the system, the protagonist is nothing, it is better to let the system do the protagonist.As a result, the author really makes the system the star!The main character is due to terminal lazy cancer incurable, resulting in the body is taken over by the system, and the consciousness is locked in the system space.In order to save himself, the main character has to become the system’s dog-head strategist in exchange for a chance to get out of jail.All in all, this is a system is responsible for the force of the wind, the protagonist is responsible for teasing the funny text.One daigen, one Penggen, just synthesized the pair of cross-talk, full of wit and fun.Very creative, is the system parody stream milestone work.Pay attention to xiaobian not book shortage!!