Dingxi city motor vehicle drivers association held the fifth member of the general assembly

2022-07-22 0 By

March 24, dingxi city motor vehicle drivers association held the fifth member congress.City public Security Bureau traffic police detachment deputy detachment leader Qin Jianguo, city social organization administration Bureau director Zhang Jian attended the meeting and spoke.Representatives of all units of the association will attend the meeting.Consideration the fourth session of the general assembly JiaXie council work report, the four JiaXie financial reports, voted by the newly revised “dingxi city motorists association”, “dingxi city motorists association membership fee collection management method”, 巜 dingxi city motorists association management approach “, elected the new JiaXie leadership council and association.The meeting held that the fourth Council, based on its own functional orientation, closely focused on the work of the traffic management center of the public security Bureau, firmly established and practiced the concept of serving the people and the society, fully played the role of a bridge, took the initiative to take responsibility, and played a positive role in ensuring road traffic safety and creating a harmonious traffic environment.The new President as a gesture to speak on behalf of the new council, said the fifth council will according to the requirements of the departments and industry management department, give full play to the good integration of social resources, mobilize the masses to participate in and promote socialization function advantage, such as traffic safety work energetic, innovative and enterprising, to build a higher level and the peace of dingxi to make new greater contributions.Public security traffic police source | dingxi