The girls added an 11-9 knockout to the former champion!Chinese curling ends its Winter Olympics tour: three teams failed to reach the semifinals

2022-07-22 0 By

Beijing, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) — China won the women’s curling tournament 11-9 against former champion Canada at the Winter Olympic Games on Sunday, ending the round-robin tournament 4-5.In this way, all the games of the Chinese curling team are over.China started the game well, leading Canada 5-3 in the first half.However, after the break, China made a mistake, giving up five points in one inning, and the situation immediately went from 5-3 to 5-8.After struggling, China did not give up and then managed to equalise and send the game into extra games.In the extra game, led by Wang Rui, China took the lead with two points and won 11-9.In this way, the Chinese curling team also ended the winter Olympics ahead of schedule.In the men’s team competition, China’s performance was up and down, and the final round robin 4-5, missed out on the semifinals.In the women’s team competition, China’s ups and downs were even greater. They always performed well in the face of the strong teams, but they were not sure of the teams they seemed to be able to beat. The final result was 4-5, missing the semifinals.In mixed doubles, China finished 9th after losing 2-7 in the round robin.China’s three curling teams also failed to win MEDALS.China has won a medal in curling only once, when the women’s team finished third at the 2010 Games.Overall, the current curling competition, China team still has a huge room for improvement, this competition has both harvest and regret, looking forward to the next performance of China curling team.