Handan Traffic police detachment devoted to epidemic prevention and control management

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On the morning of April 7, Handan city traffic police detachment party secretary, detachment leader Li Huai comrade has to 309 national road and Han Han Township border, Han Road chengan and Han Han District boundary, ring city high speed Hesha town toll station, Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high speed Handan North station inspection guidance work.Li Huai and his delegation conducted on-site supervision and inspection and listened to the situation of epidemic prevention and control at each station. He pointed out that the party committee of the detachment took the lead in commanding and the leadership took the lead.Improve political standing and ideological understanding.The current epidemic prevention and control situation is very serious, so all levels of government should be brave and take prompt action to prevent and control the epidemic.Actively take on the task, for as, strictly implement the prevention and control work, with solid work style and practical action, determined to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, to build a solid defence for people’s lives and safety, while requiring a gleam of auxiliary police on duty people in to do a good job of epidemic prevention to strengthen personal protection at the same time, to ensure their own safety.He stressed that the county (city, district) traffic police to go on the wrong side of the road, to defend the “last line of defense.”We will strictly fulfill our responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen our capacity for early detection and early warning.It is necessary to implement the responsibility of leadership and supervision, and the responsibility system of battalion leaders including squadrons, squadron leaders including sections of roads and police officers including responsibility areas, to ensure that all prevention and control work requirements and work measures are implemented.He required that each control point to decorate warning signs, standardize traffic order, and actively carry out the persuasion of passing vehicles and pedestrians, not to go out of the area, not to enter the city’s main city.At the same time, new media platforms will be used to announce detour routes in a timely manner and arrange travel routes reasonably so as not to delay the travel time of the general public.Detachment leader Zhang Junqing, Li Zhao and order department accompanied by relevant personnel.Friday, April 8, 2022, last number 2 and 7 Edited by Qi Shuhua Miao Wenjin Edited by Li Yuanyuan