Remembering Chinese New Year (past and Present)

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Three New Year’s Day (February 1, 2022 author profile: fu 灮 (guang) Yue Ying, Hunan Changde people, general staff, poetry and literature lovers, often compose poems to amuse themselves, bingshen began to learn poetry at the end of the year (now has created more than a thousand quatrains poem), into the Blue river poetry group, by the gentlemen’s education.Gengzi year specializing in five quatrains, taking into account other genres, with the Chinese new rhyme, and strive to poetry such as running water, unobstructed broad-minted, not confined to the small branches.(a) the winter snow all over the sky, children worship the New Year with their father.Uncle uncle home walk, bag with lucky money.Note: In my childhood impression, Chinese New Year is the coldest season, but also the happiest time.The ancients said: adults look forward to farming, children look forward to the New Year.Children’s happiness is the simplest, not about lucky money.(two) Grow up and go home for the Spring Festival, the time is only two or three days.If there is some delay on the way, friends and relatives meet difficult.Note: After work, the Spring Festival is the most busy time, it is difficult to ask for leave, even if it is only a few days back home, apart from the round-trip, there is little time to stay at home, let alone go to relatives’ home like when I was a child.(three) now have false most shu Huai, visit friends and relatives interest open.Wine singing heaven and earth far away, New Year’s fun back.Note: Now, it is a holiday, the excitement arises spontaneously, visiting relatives and visiting friends naturally, when I raise my glass to celebrate, it seems that the old days come back in front of me.