Highway slope suddenly caught fire suspected of throwing cigarette butts

2022-07-25 0 By

The inspectors are fighting the fire.Rednet moment February 16 – (correspondent Ding Hu Wang Shang) recently, in G5513 changde section of changzhang expressway, a high speed slope fire danger.Fortunately, hunan High-speed Group Changde branch river-bo road production brigade, river-bo maintenance of inspectors found in time, the success of the fire.K210+635M upstream section of G5513 Changde section of changde highway east to west direction, found that the section of smoke filled.The grass fire of roadside slope protection is everywhere. Under the influence of wind, the scope of the fire is expanding. The smoke from the fire gradually covers the highway.See this situation, the inspectors immediately made a decision, set up a warning sign on the scene, car warning, remind the past vehicles slow down pay attention to safety.At the same time, take out the fire extinguisher carried in the patrol car to fight the fire where it is large, and use local materials to beat sporadic fires around the fire protection slope with dead branches.After inspectors nearly half an hour of fighting, the fire was finally put out.After repeated inspection, after confirming the complete elimination of security risks, inspectors just withdrew from the scene and continued to drive patrol.According to the analysis, the fire, is most likely by the past company passengers did not put out cigarette butts thrown out of the car window ignited by the withered grass.Hunan highway department reminds, it is spring, dry things dry, withered grass and leaves more, in order to drive safety and road safety unblocked, do not cigarette butts, lighters and there are fire hazard items discarded at the roadside, so as not to cause a fire.