The boy stole 6000 yuan and squandered it. He only lost a piece of bacon

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When I was young, my mother often used the story of “stealing needles when I was young, stealing cows when I grew up” to educate me not to develop the habit of petty theft.My mother told me that once the habit of stealing, courage will be more and more big, will eventually set foot on the road to crime, and finally will only harm others.Remember once, because greedy, stole a neighbor’s sweet potato baked to eat, after my mother knew, solid beat after a meal, carrying me to the neighbor’s apologize and lose money.The neighbors were embarrassed and constantly advised their mothers: “If a child makes a mistake, it’s okay to criticize and educate him. Besides, it’s just a sweet potato, and it’s not valuable.”It was a small but impressive thing, and I never stole anything from anyone again.”Raise not to teach, the father’s fault”, parents are children’s first teacher, not only to set an example, to correct the child’s wrong behavior in time, but also to have responsibility, when found that children have made mistakes, to timely education and actively assume responsibility.Tell children with their own actions, made a mistake not only to correct in time, but also to be responsible for their own mistakes!A video of a 12-year-old boy stealing 6,000 yuan of pocket money saved by a woman’s son in Zhejiang province, whose parents only lost a piece of bacon, has gone viral online, sparking heated debate among netizens.The video was shot by Ms. Gao in Zhejiang Province. Ms. Gao’s son has the habit of saving money. His pocket money will be saved in his piggy bank.But just a few days ago, some children came to our house to play, and one of them, a 12-year-old boy, stole the piggy bank.Gao immediately called the police after discovering the missing piggy bank, but several days later, the 6,000 yuan had been squandered by the boy, who had bought game cards, toys and treated other children to dinner.The boy was only 12 years old and underage, so the police could only educate him and ask the parents to take him back and negotiate a solution with Gao.The boy’s parents divorced and now live with his father and stepmother. The boy’s father said he couldn’t control the matter and couldn’t pay back the money, so he offered him a piece of bacon to apologize.6000 yuan, finally only won a piece of preserved meat, the preserved meat is really a high price, it is really let Ms. Gao laugh and cry, but the so-called “not afraid of hero, afraid of really poor”, in the face of the boy’s father “can not control”, “can not afford to pay”, Ms. Gao has no choice but to accept the preserved meat, cut and fried two preserved garlic ballads.This matter has also aroused hot discussion on the Internet, many netizens think: “when a child steals a needle, grow up to steal gold”, 6,000 yuan is not a small amount of money, parents deal with so hasty, irresponsible, it is not good for children’s education.Nowadays, many parents are shortsighted. When their children make mistakes and need to be responsible, they push and push when they can, and hide when they can. They only care about immediate interests, regardless of the impact of such education on their children.It is not terrible that children make mistakes, it is never too late to mend, parents can use this event to educate their children, rather than shirk and escape.Passing the buck will make children think that mistakes are evasive.Poverty is not terrible, fear is lack of responsibility and backbone.Parents should not only raise their children, but also fulfill their educational responsibilities. They should help their children develop good behavior habits, establish correct outlook on life and values, and be a person with morality and a sense of justice.