The price dropped from 180,000 yuan to 18 yuan, and the virtual real estate in the meta-universe suffered the “first cold winter”

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“Kechuang Board Daily” (Beijing reporter Hu Jiaming) out of the real world “housing not speculation” policy environment, part of the real estate speculation funds turned their attention to the virtual real estate in the meta-universe.However, at the end of this year, the “real estate fever” in the second half of last year is experiencing the “first cold winter” after the “real estate fever” in the meta-universe.In late November, Chinese music icon Jj Lin bought three blocks of virtual real estate on Decentraland for $123,000 (nearly 800,000 YUAN).The distributed continent is one of the most popular products in the universe last year.In addition to distributed continents, Sandbox is also one of the more popular metasexes products abroad.The common feature of these two products is that virtual real estate can be purchased and traded on these two products.Every Decentraland sale has a Decentraland cost of $913,000. Every Decentraland sale has a Decentraland price of $913,000. Every Decentraland sale has a Decentraland price of $913,000.On December 6, a block of virtual land on Sandbox sold for $4.3m, setting a record for a metauniverse real estate transaction, breaking the previous cap of $2.43m set by Decentraland and exceeding the cost of a house in Manhattan, New York.But under the boom of “yuan universe estate planning”, the personage inside course of study points out that yuan real estate appreciation expectations of the universe, is based on the yuan on the growing expectations of the universe, when there is no new players “musical” continuous trading, so investors the value of “virtual property”, may be worthless.What be worth mentioning is, domestic also has relevant manufacturer to make similar “yuan universe” product, attention is higher have appear on the market company the world beautiful “rainbow universe”.A reporter from Science and Innovation Board Daily has noticed that the gameplay of Rainbow Universe’s virtual real estate is similar to Decentraland and Sandbox, but its value logic is substantially different from that of foreign competitors.Under the heavy fist of domestic supervision, the rainbow universe property transaction that was once hot before the year is due to silence, the rainbow universe property that is fried on sky-high price, also appears to shrink greatly in the “winter” of the year’s end.A number of blockchain industry insiders told Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily that the value of the properties on foreign platforms is supported by internal logic.Take the foreign meta-universe product “Sandbox” for example. Up to now, the floor price of a virtual block of Sandbox is 3.73 Ethereum (ETH), which is about $12,000.As can be seen from the unit of measurement, Sandbox is a blockchain application running on foreign public chains.Applications running on blockchain will also adhere to the inherent features of blockchain, including but not limited to user-created assets with ownership vested in the user, user-made rules of life, Web3 identity, decentralized monetary assets, and so on.As such, the price of an asset on Sandbox is determined entirely by supply and demand on the blockchain. Without regulatory or legal restrictions, the price of a piece of virtual property will reflect the current supply and demand.Media reports of the “sky-high virtual real estate” deal is also from this.A blockchain industry practitioner told KEChuang Board Daily that he bought a virtual land worth $1,200 on Sandbox earlier, and later sold it to the buyer for $14,000. The land was taken over two months ago for 2,200 SAND coins (virtual tokens issued by Sandbox).The current market value is just $9,000.In this process, all transactions are carried out in the virtual currency of the blockchain, which means that the pricing of all assets on the chain is determined by the rules of the blockchain and cannot be tampered with by issuers or third parties to ensure transparency of transactions.In other words, even if there is a collapse in asset values, it is based on normal market movements.But in China, because there is no “public chain”, the fair and transparent trading can not be guaranteed.Moreover, as virtual real estate transactions have been monitored, domestic meta-universe real estate speculation has also been broken up into pieces, hidden in QQ groups or private transactions.In October 2021, The “Rainbow Universe” APP released by A-share listed company Tianxiu began internal testing, which is also one of the first meta-universe products in China.The difference between this and other domestic metauniverse products such as Xirang is that users can acquire virtual properties through activities and tasks, and the rarity of virtual properties can be distinguished according to the level of activities and tasks.Although virtual properties can’t be traded between accounts, that doesn’t stop users from privately “hyping” the properties, according to Rainbow Universe.The heat of the hype in the initial release, through some data can also be seen — “Rainbow universe” has not yet opened the premise of registration, there are already more than 100,000 people booked;The original price of a house of 88 yuan, after the first inquiry on Xianyu, became 100,000 yuan;After refreshing the free fish trading page several times, the number increased to 180,000, and even after that, there were still 13 people who wanted it.But as the malformed expansion of trade amount, rainbow universe also attracted the high attention of supervision layer.In the investor response, the world show announcement said that the Rainbow universe so far, only for experimental products.All data are still in the stage of internal testing, which is subject to great risks and uncertainties.In order to curb “speculation” transactions, they even use a variety of reasons, closed a number of internal test accounts.Although in terms of gameplay and form, the world show rainbow universe products have been infinitely close to the foreign sandbox and distributed continent.But on the logic of intrinsic value, there is a world of difference.The aforementioned blockchain industry practitioners told kECHUANG Board Daily that The Honguniverse products of Tianxu are issued not based on any public chain on the blockchain, and only exist in the existing mobile Internet.A search of the metasurverse’s official page also reveals that the Iris universe is not even based on any small alliance chain.There is no “on the chain” result, namely the collapse of its pricing logic.The initial value is completely determined by the official activities of the Rainbow universe.At the same time, the property owned by users in Rainbow Universe, in essence, their data ownership is still in the hands of rainbow universe official.The unit price of the private secondary market does not fluctuate with the free transaction of blockchain, but is set by private sellers based on their perception and expectation of the market.Digital assets without blockchain support are equivalent to “running naked”. In a HONGcosmic QQ group, reporters from Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily also found that the transaction of Hongcosmic real estate is promoted by the release of transaction information by both buyers and sellers, and the price often does not reflect the real value of the virtual real estate in hongcosmic world.And from the price of virtual real estate can also be seen, compared with the previous frequently hundreds of thousands of rainbow universe virtual real estate, now the price has shrunk to several hundred to dozens of yuan, even as low as 18 yuan.Many sellers shout out “discount sale”, but still almost nobody asks.The rainbow universe itself is also less active than before because it has been “named” by many parties.Another blockchain industry insider told KEChuang Board Daily that such a situation is actually not surprising.Because in essence, Tianxiu’s rainbow universe is not based on any public chain operation, so it can not be called a true metacosmic product.At the same time, due to the relevant policies on blockchain in China, even if there is a certain scale of “meta-cosmic asset” transaction, without blockchain as the criterion for asset pricing, the transaction will deviate from the fundamentals of asset value to a considerable extent.The trade may exist for a while, but not for long.”Digital assets without blockchain support are roughly worthless.””This person said.Source: Finance Union