A number of “strength capable men” to Beijing sinotruk into the Winter Olympics “god assist”

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Recently, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the final countdown. While Olympic athletes are making all-out efforts to prepare for the Winter Olympic Games, Made-in-China products are also making all-out efforts to empower the Olympic Athletes to perform well in the Olympic Games and help the successful hosting of the Winter Olympic Games.Not long ago, the first sinotruk intelligent snow wax car independently developed and manufactured by China arrived at zhangjiakou arena, and has entered a perfect state of preparation.In addition to snow wax vehicles, Sinotruk broadcast vehicles, hydrogen transport support vehicles, snow removal vehicles and other products will also “go” to the Beijing Winter Olympics, in many areas for the Winter Olympics escort, help Chinese athletes excel, Sinotruk can be said to be with the strength of the Winter Olympics.The first snow wax car in China is a special technical vehicle that provides a convenient and comfortable working environment for waxing snow skis in snow and ice events. During training and competition, it is crucial for athletes to improve their performance.”Originated in China, the world first-class, domestic” completely, sinotruk car wax on the breakthrough, the snow had just spent 11 months, and is in no real reference, no foreign guidance, the absence of experience for reference, the degree of convenience, comfort, environmental protection, science and technology content and so on more than the original monopoly market foreign brands in China.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s snow wax truck will provide a series of convenient working areas for waxers and athletes, including work, warm-up, shower and leisure.China National Cross-country ski Team has successfully completed the training and guarantee work in Xinjiang, Chongli and Shanghai before the competition. Now they are carrying out the final training and guarantee task before the Winter Olympics.Sinotruk snow truck service and support team is also carrying out repeated drills in combination with the actual operation of the Venues of the Winter Olympics to ensure that the snow truck can successfully complete the task after the Opening of the Olympic Games.The Winter Olympics will be held against the backdrop of the epidemic. Domestic and foreign audiences who cannot attend the games have high expectations for media coverage, and high-quality broadcasting equipment will provide strong support for TV coverage.Sinotruk TV relay truck and the China Media Group team went on the stage of the Winter Olympics coverage, using 5G technology to bring 8K high-definition live snow and ice sports to TV audiences.With good performance and stable reliability, Sinotruk broadcast car and sinotruk vehicle maintenance team will do their best to ensure the smooth broadcasting of the whole event and provide strong hardware guarantee for telling the story of the Winter Olympics.Thanks to technology and media footage and narration, more people will be able to watch the wonderful events in front of the screen, and the world will see a more confident and open China.Stable and quality power green games, sinotruk hydrogen transport security hydrogen as a kind of ideal energy, car emissions only water and heat, and does not produce any pollution, but the hydrogen as a kind of dangerous goods, its transportation would be held the Olympic Games security is important one annulus, sinotruk hydrogen car transport security, with high stability and safety,Shouldering this important task.Lieutenant of “the strength” sinotruk into the games to Beijing “god assists during the Olympics,” sinotruk hydrogen transport security car will be once every two days for hydrogen distribution, sinotruk will resolutely implement the “relatives” service, to ensure that every link safe, accurate and executed in place, ensure the successful completion of the hydrogen carrier task,We will help the Beijing Winter Olympics achieve carbon neutrality.Sinotruk snow trucks provide the perfect solution to the winter Olympics’ winter Sports, which are often inseparable from snow and ice. However, the organizing committee has to deal with the inconvenience caused by winter snow conditions outside the competition venues.Lieutenant of “the strength” sinotruk into the games to Beijing “assists god” the winter Olympics, sinotruk large highway version 2 syncretic snow sweeper sweep (left), large airports version (sweep, blowing) runway clear snow kandy snow removal vehicles, small multi-function snow sweeper, respectively for extending high speed road carriageways and emergency lanes snow snow removal, as well as the Olympic Games in the park road snow removal,Ensure unblocked roads in the Olympic Games site.Previously, high-end snow removal equipment has been monopolized by foreign brands, China Sinotruk with the courage to challenge the spirit of scientific and technological innovation, finally achieved a breakthrough, finally can do with their own high-end snow removal truck to sweep their own snow.The Winter Olympic Games is coming, China will usher in a highlight moment on the world sports stage once again, a number of “strength capable” sinotruk together to assist the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, showing sinotruk as a national brand, but also reflects the spirit of China’s manufacturing and the new era of synchronization.We look forward to a repeat of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games with the full support of Made-in-China products