February 16 Runan, Zhengyang, Dechan, Xiping, Shangcai wheat stubble peanut currency meters 3.6-3.75

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Henan Zhumadian Runan County white sand stubble currency meters 3.6-3.75, 7 screen milled rice 4.0, 8 screen milled rice 4.1, moisture within 10, 25/35 reported 8800,35/40 reported 8400, 40/50 reported 8200, 50/60 reported 7600, 60/70 reported 7400, 70/90 reported 7200,About 3.7 hand-picked adulterated petals, the willingness of the people to ship is reduced, the quantity of goods is not large, the quantity of goods is not much, the price is weak and stable, and the price is based on quality.Henan Zhumadian City, Queshan County spring white sand rice 3.75-3.8, stubble white sand over the long screen rice 3.75-3.8, 7 screen rice installed about 4.0, 8 screen rice installed about 4.1, the amount of goods is not large, the transaction is general, the price is basically stable.Henan Zhumadian Zhengyang wheat stubble white sand tong rice 3.75, inferior goods 3.5-3.7, based on quality, 7 sieve on milled rice 4.05 or so, 8 sieve on milled rice 4.15 or so, 7-8 sieve milled rice 3.75, 6-7 sieve milled rice 3.6 or so, hand pick up mixed valve 3.7 or so, the price is generally stable, farmers a small number of goods, the market to the general goods,Deals are made on the basis of quality.In Xiping County, Shangcai, Xincai, Suiping, Pingyu, Biyang and other places in Zhumadian, Henan province, the price of wheat stubbly white sand rice is generally about 3.7-3.75. The price is based on quality, the price of sifted white sand rice is about 3.8, spring white sand rice is about 3.9, and color selected currency rice is about 4.0. There are few goods on the market and few goods are needed, and the price is basically stable.To learn more about peanut market, please click to add attention!