The siege ran out of food and two emperors were killed. How miserable was the last year of the Jin State?

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Deep night through the battlefield, cold moon as bones.The year 1233 was an unforgettable year for the Kingdom of Jin.This year, the Jin capital was breached, the former princes and nobles, three thousand beauty now without exception to become prisoners.The time seems to go back to the changes of Jingkang at the beginning. How the Jin people burned, killed, looted and insulted the Song people, and now all of them are avenged on themselves.Under such circumstances, King Aizong fled to CAI Zhou and tried to make a final battle with the Allied forces of Song and Mongolia with his remaining troops.Unfortunately, Jin Ai Zong and the allied forces in CAI Zhou for nearly two months, but still failed to reverse the situation.Seeing that the situation was doomed, King Aizong of Jin handed over the throne to Wanyan Chenglin and committed suicide.There was no chance for Wanyan Chenglin to resist. He was beheaded by the enemy and the Jin Dynasty was completely destroyed.At the beginning of 1233, the Jin Dynasty was already in obvious defeat.One hundred and fifty thousand troops from the Sanfeng Mountains have left or not returned, the jin generals have fallen, and now they have to defend the city of Kaifeng.Compared with them, the Mongolian army at this time can be said to be full of energy, they garrison outside Kaifeng, eyeing kaifeng, which makes the people inside the city feel unsafe, as if the next moment will be destroyed.Instead of rushing to attack the city, however, the Mongols adopted a more roundabout strategy called towing.They thought that if they dragged on, they might be able to bring kaifeng down without losing a single soldier.The way to attack lies in attacking the heart.Mongolian army this move, it can be said is directly grasped kaifeng’s deadly place.Food shortage in the city gradually, the plague is also unknowingly among the spread, multiple blows, Kaifeng is no longer the original lively city.Therefore, the Mongolian army effortlessly, such as kaifeng to open the gates of surrender.As soon as the gates were opened, the situation settled.King Aizong fled the city in search of a new way out, and those nobles and concubines who had no time to escape fell into the hands of the enemy.For the Song people, the humiliation of the former Jingkang was fresh in their minds, and the Jin treated them as trophies and abused them.Now, at last, they could avenge their humiliation by taking the concubines and their relatives and disposing of them as they had done before.The destruction of Kaifeng was a fatal blow to the Jin people, but they still had a glimmer of hope in their hearts, and all this hope was placed on the body of King Aizong.After escaping from Kaifeng, Emperor Aizong of Jin finally arrived at Caizhou, which was the last remaining city of the Jin State.There is no doubt that once The city of CAI Zhou is broken, the hundred years of rule of Da Jin will come to an end.Jin Aizong knew this very well, so he was not idle at all. As soon as he got a foothold in Caizhou city, he began to gather up his troops, trying to fight his way out with this last hope.People in Caizhou at that time knew that this was a desperate resistance, and the Mongols had followed jin Aizong as soon as he arrived.Now the delay in attacking the city, is to treat them as fish on the chopping block, want to slowly sharpen a knife.But even so, they were determined to fight and die rather than be captured by the enemy.Then, the Jin army rallied and fought with the Mongolian army stationed nearby for many times. I don’t know if this desperate battle gave the Morale of the Jin people, they actually defeated the Mongolian army for many times.However, the Jin did not have long to rejoice before the Song arrived at Caizhou with provisions and reinforcements to join the Mongols.This greatly boosted the morale of the Mongol army, which reorganized itself and prepared for a new round of competition with the Jin.As he watched the enemy come back to life, his side gradually fell into a stalemate.Although the city of CAI Zhou has been made of iron by frequent wars, it is only a small town, and there is not much food in it.After two months of siege, supplies ran out.In order to save the people from starving to death, Emperor Ai Zong of Jin had to order all the horses to be killed and used as food.That winter was the most difficult for all the Gold people.Not only do they not have enough to eat and wear, but they also have to be constantly on tentenance, waiting for the enemy outside the city who does not know when to arrive.In fact, everyone knows clearly that the fall of the Jin Dynasty is the general trend, now stick to The City of CAI Zhou, but it is self-deception.The people in the city did not have a good year because they were worried about the war, and so did the Song and Mongolian allied forces outside the city.Finally, they did not want to spend any more time. As soon as the first month was over, they were eager to attack the city.The outside of Caizhou city was soon lost. Even though the prime minister of Jin led the elite resistance, he still failed to stop the overwhelming Allied forces of Song and Mongolia.Seeing the enemy approaching, Emperor Ai Zong of Jin finally lamented, gave the throne to Wanyan Chenglin, and drew his sword to take his own life.After Emperor Aizong committed suicide, the news was soon transmitted to the prime minister. The prime minister, who was still fighting a bloody battle, burst into tears when he heard the news of the monarch’s death.He knew that his power was at an end, and as a minister, he could not protect the kingdom for the monarch, so he had to follow the monarch.Then the prime minister sighed, threw his weapon, jumped directly into the moat outside the city, and followed the Lord.The sudden loss of two backbone, such a change is still holding on to the city center wanyan Chenglin was fatal.Looking at the blood at his feet and listening to the cries of the enemy not far away, he was already discouraged and wanted to draw his sword and kill himself.Unfortunately, he did not have such good luck, did not wait for him to make action, the enemy has come to his front, and then hand up knife, cut off The head of Wanyan Chenglin.At this point, the CAI Zhou War had a foregone conclusion, the two Jin emperors were killed in battle, and the great Jin dynasty was cut off.In the thousand-year history of succession, there have been numerous dynasties and such wars have occurred from time to time, but the jin people are still worthy of admiration for their backbone.They fought to the last, never giving up even when they knew it was hopeless, cherishing every chance they had to turn back.Even at the end, Emperor Aizong and the prime minister died in succession, Wanyan Chenglin was beheaded by the enemy’s sword, and the rulers of the Jin state were no longer in power. The enemy’s cavalry had already set foot on the land of Caizhou, and the Jin people still drained the last drop of blood for the country and persevered to the end for the fall of a country.