What if non-local “yellow code” personnel cannot live in a hotel?Will the limit be lifted?Here comes the definitive answer

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What should we do if we don’t go to the relevant place but receive the message?What if non-local “yellow code” personnel cannot stay in the hotel?Will the restriction of motor vehicles be abolished?…Here’s the definitive answer!1. What should a citizen do if he/she receives a message saying that he/she has had direct or indirect contact with the virus, but he/she has not been to any place on the confirmed travel path?The Chengdu CENTER for Disease Control and Prevention has previously specifically explained the problem, and the text messages are sent to people who have recently had simultaneous space overlapped with local cases and their close contacts (close contacts).Receiving a text means you may have been in contact with a COVID-19 case or its proximity.What do you do when you get a text?Please check with your community, neighborhood committee, work unit or hotel.Wear a mask and go to the nearest nucleic acid testing institution for nucleic acid testing immediately. Do not take public transportation on the way.Do not go out at home until negative results are obtained.What should I do if non-local “yellow code” personnel cannot live in hotel?According to the epidemic prevention and control policy of Chengdu city, the red, yellow and green codes shall be managed by classification. Those with yellow codes shall be prevented from entering densely populated public places such as hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, KTV and bars, and they shall be restricted from taking public transportation (planes, trains, buses, etc.).At the same time, it advised them to take good personal protection, and informed the local community to do a good job of screening management and health monitoring.”Yellow code” personnel should hold valid identification and go to the nearest channel for nucleic acid test at the 25 designated “Yellow code” nucleic acid test hospitals published in Chengdu as soon as possible (the list of medical institutions can be checked on the official wechat of Healthy Chengdu). If the test result is negative, it will be automatically adjusted to “green code”.If a person holds a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, he/she shall be identified by the local prevention and control department and be reported to the provincial level to perform relevant procedures before becoming a “green code”.3. Many citizens have called to suggest that during the epidemic period, the restrictions on vehicle number should be cancelled and private cars should be used as much as possible. Will that be true?The reporter learned from the Chengdu traffic police that there is no such measure at the moment, please see the official notice whether the restriction will be cancelled.At present, Chengdu’s transportation system is strictly implementing the requirements of epidemic prevention and control and operating in a smooth and orderly manner.During the epidemic period, Chengdu metro insisted on 100 percent mask wearing, 100 percent scanning and lighting, 100 percent body temperature testing, and 100 percent disinfection and ventilation of tools.Chengdu public transport has taken regular measures to prevent and control the epidemic. In the process of driving, Chengdu public transport has reminded passengers to wear masks, take the initiative to scan the code and light the code, coordinate with temperature detection, maintain a safe interval, queue up for the bus and get on the bus in an orderly manner through the information release screen and in-car voice announcement system.Power stations and BRT stations realize 100% scanning and lighting, 100% temperature detection and 100% mask wearing.Taxis and ride-hailing services will be provided in an orderly manner to ensure the safety of passengers.Why have some entertainment places closed?April 5, Chengdu Health Commission emergency office director Gu Haitao, Chengdu CDC emergency office director Fan Shuangfeng said in an interview:In the emergency response to the epidemic, we will temporarily seal off some areas in order to check and block the spread of the virus as soon as possible. After the risk is eliminated, we will release the seal at the appropriate time according to the expert’s assessment. We sincerely hope you can understand this, and thank you for your understanding, support and participation in the epidemic prevention and control work.Experts also said the number of local cases in Chengdu is growing fast and there are many transmission chains.As you can probably see from the daily announcements of cases and risk sites, 17 of the 27 confirmed cases as of 24:00 On April 4th have been linked to the same bar.Due to the closed bar environment, poor ventilation conditions, personnel stay for a long time, personnel protection measures are not in place, more likely to lead to the occurrence of cluster epidemic.This time, Chengdu made every effort to strengthen the security and control of crowded places and closed places such as supermarkets, farmers’ markets, stations, bars and KTV, and increased the screening of relevant risk personnel and other control measures.Jinjiang, Wuhou, Jinniu, Gaoxin and other districts have also issued a notice to suspend the operation of entertainment venues and training venues. Please be patient and go shopping when the epidemic clears up.News source | kam view original title: “accidentally” yellow code “staff could not stay in a hotel? Will cancel the limit number? Authoritative answers to the”