“Fighting the epidemic on the front line”More than 400 volunteers in Puding are supporting the frontline of epidemic prevention and control

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On April 7, the second round of nucleic acid sampling was carried out at 6 am in Puding County, with more than 100 nucleic acid sampling sites conducting nucleic acid sampling simultaneously.Orderly progress was made in on-site order maintenance and nucleic acid sampling.Among them, volunteers for nucleic acid sampling work, played an important role.Nearly 1,000 people signed up, and more than 400 volunteers participated in epidemic prevention and control logistics, on-site order maintenance, and the production of love bento.”Our volunteer groups include university teachers, college students, taxi drivers, veterans and family members of public officials. Everyone signed up to help Puding defeat the epidemic as soon as possible.”Communist Youth League puding county party committee staff Zhang Kaijie said.Luo Jing, a 17-year-old volunteer from Yuanda School in Baiyan Town, Puding County, arrived at the sampling site early to help maintain order and guide people to scan codes through a small program.Luo jing was so excited about signing up to be a volunteer that she stayed up all night.”There is an epidemic in my hometown, and I want to do something for my hometown, so I signed up to be a volunteer.”Luo jing said that by chance, she found relevant information on Douyin and took the initiative to contact her.Because nucleic acid sampling starts early and her home is still far from the county seat, Luo got up at 3 am and went to work at 4:30 am.She did not sleep all night, but Luo Jing seemed very energetic.”I am very happy and excited to become a volunteer and contribute to the epidemic prevention and control work in my hometown. My family supports me to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work.”When asked about the original intention of participating in the volunteer service, Luo Jing blurted out: “Because Puding is my home!”Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Mei Shigui first trial Hu Yushan second trial Yuan Guobin Yang Xiaoyou third trial Hu Lihua